Thursday, May 05, 2022

All Bagged Up

Got a quick start upstairs with a blueberry scone and oranges for breakfast. Barely managed to get out on time. It was a little cloudy this morning, but already relatively warm. I barely got to work on time.

I wish I hadn't gotten there at all. Work was a royal pain in the rear again. Most people are handling the no-plastic-bags rule fairly well. Either they shrug and buy bags if they don't have them, or put their things in their cart and bag them in their car if they left them there. Honestly, the latter may be the fastest way to do it, even faster than bagging with those teeny flimsy plastic bags. One lady even gave a man who forgot his bags her spares from Aldi.

Not everyone dealt with the changes that well. One woman literally screamed at me about how disgraceful it was that we couldn't provide free bags for elderly people. They can't afford to buy them and apparently can't be bothered to make them. I finally got fed up and yelled back at her that there's nothing we can do about it. Talk to the government. The law is the law. Made the mistake of trying to be nice and help another older woman with her new bags, but all she did was complain and demand and yell at me about how I was doing everything wrong. 

It didn't help that we were busy almost the entire day with very long lines and had no help until late in the afternoon. They kept having to call deli workers and stock managers to take customers. Thank goodness by the time I finished, they slowed down enough for me to shut down with no relief.

Rushed home the moment I could. Hurried upstairs and changed, then had leftovers for dinner while watching Holiday In Mexico in honor of Mexican holiday Cinco De Mayo. I go further into Jane Powell's movie debut at my Musical Dreams Movie Reviews blog.

Finished the night watching the Match Game episodes I didn't get to earlier. Penny Marshall made her first and only appearance on Match Game in mid-1974. She did play well enough, but she was supposedly very shy in real-life and seemed rather intimidated by all the lunacy around her. (Though she did admittedly loosen up a bit by the end of the week.) 

David "Bosley" Doyle and Juliet Prowse joined in for Match Game PM. Brett was delighted to attempt to order drinks from a handsome young restaurant owner. Richard had a far easier time handling "__ Pollution" in the Head-to-Head. Future Super Bowl-winning Ravens coach Brian Billick appeared as a contestant on an earlier episode with Dick Martin and southern belles Polly Holiday and Fannie Flagg. He proved to be far better at football than matching and fumbled the ball, never matching a single panelists in three rounds. 

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