Thursday, May 19, 2022

Make Someone Happy

Began the morning with a quick breakfast and writing. Brett's terrified of the creature, with its sharp teeth and feathers, but tries to distract it with Charles' tea-time snack anyway. She grabs him and they run off when the creature flies after his tea and bread and butter.

Broke for a quick lunch, then headed off for work. Work wasn't too bad early-on, but it picked up considerably in the afternoon...not because we were that busy, but because we had a call-out and only two people who could take a register. I spent the entire day in the express line, and I got some really obnoxious customers. 

One woman demanded she let me into the line, even though she had WIC Checks and we're not supposed to take checks of any kind in the express line. She went in anyway, then yelled at me when I tried to hold her book (we have to hold the WIC Check books - I've gotten into trouble for not holding it while doing the checks) and for trying to apologize when she was upset. I wouldn't have kept apologizing if she hadn't kept going on about how terrible I was and how I needed help and should have seen a doctor and oh, why did I have such a terrible attitude? I felt so horrible about making her angry and got so upset. We're not supposed to make the customers angry. We're supposed to make them happy. The other customers behind her said she was the one who behaved badly, but I still shouldn't have caused trouble.

Ironically, by the time I left, they had so much help, they shut down one of the cashers and sent her in for me so I could go home on time. Took the long way home again to calm down, despite it being rush hour and there still being a lot of traffic on Nicholson Road and the White Horse Pike. It was still sunny, warm, and a bit humid at that point, but clouds were already starting to move in. 

Went straight into dinner and Match Game '74 when I got home. The episode kicked off with Fannie Flagg showing off a shirt with a huge sequined "STOP" on her shirt and Gene and Gary Burghoff joking about their matching navy jackets. Later, we get some interesting answers to "__ Johnson." 

Richard Dawson has more problems on Match Game PM when Ira won't pass his answer of "innards" for "stomach." The others had more fun with "__ My Back" on the Audience Match. Richard tried to redeem himself on the Head to Head with "__ Camera."

Oh, and I finally heard back from Vocational Rehabilitation. They want to talk to me at 10 AM on Tuesday. Wish they'd give me more time to ask for work off. If I don't already have that day off, I'll have to call out. 

Finished the night after a shower with Glorifying the American Girl on Tubi. I go further into this dark early talkie melodrama with real Ziegfeld Follies sequences at my Musical Dreams Movie Reviews blog.

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