Saturday, May 14, 2022

Science Fiction Double Feature

Once again, I awoke to a cloudy morning. No rain, though, or even wind. Figured I was fine to ride the bike to work after breakfast. Of course, it started showering on my way there. I arrived more than a little damp.

Work wasn't nearly as exciting as yesterday. In fact, for a lot of the morning, it was pretty dull. Most people took advantage of the rain holding off to attend various local weekend events. They didn't start coming in until after lunch, by which time we had plenty of help. My relief was even right on time. I was in and out with no trouble.

Did some grocery shopping afterwards. I'm tired of hauling bottles of Propel home and tossing piles of them in the recycling. Decided to try Propel and sugar-free Gatorade powder instead. Had digital coupons for grapes, free organic nuts (went with almonds), and buy-one, get-one free containers of Haagen Daas. Small containers of Purex are on a good sale, too, and I needed to restock sanitizing wipes. Fished corn muffins for lunch and those yummy fudge-topped shortbread cookies off the bakery clearance racks again.

Went straight home afterwards. This time, it was raining at a good clip. Just hurried home as quickly as I could and got wet.

Put everything away when I got in, then changed and put on Make Mine Music. I go further into this rare Disney shorts anthology from the 1940's at my Musical Dreams Movie Reviews blog.

Worked on writing after the movie ended. Brett finds herself in a desolate landscape of gray cliffs, gray rocks, and scraggly trees. She hears what she think sounds like Charles in the cliffs above her and starts climbing the cliffs to find him.

Broke for dinner and Mickey Mouse Clubhouse at 7. "Goofy On Mars" has him crash-landing on the Red Planet. Mickey and the others suit up, make their own spaceship, and dodge a snoring baby moon to rescue him. 

Finished the night online with two science-fiction shows featuring Match Game regular panelists. Richard Dawson appeared on an episode of the original mid-60's Outer Limits. "The Invisibles" are crab-like beings that attach themselves to politicians and other important humans in order to take over the globe. One security agent infiltrates the Society of the Invisibles, humans devoted to aiding their cause, and poses as a chauffeur to the wife of one of the infected governors. Her British personal secretary (Dawson) suspects something is up, and he and his master will do anything to stop the agent before he can tell the authorities about their plan.

Brett Somers appeared on a somewhat lighter science fiction program, Battlestar Galaxia, over a decade later. She's Siress Bellaby, whose grain harvesting machine may help "The Magnificent Warriors" trade for food from a grain-rich planet. Trouble is, the human settlers aren't popular with two rival alien clans, who keep stealing their supplies. Siress falls hard for Commander Adama (Lorne Green), though he's not nearly as enamored of her. Meanwhile, Starbuck (Dirk Benedict)  turns sheriff to con the owner of the local farms out of a few extra shares of grain. 

Oh, and it's rained off and on, sometimes hard, for the rest of the night. 

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