Saturday, May 28, 2022

May Fair Harvest

Started off a gorgeous morning with a quick breakfast before heading off to Collingswood. Every year on the Saturday before Memorial Day, Collingswood holds a huge May Fair on Haddon Avenue. This is the first time in three years I've been able to get there. Not only did I work the Saturday before Memorial Day last year, but it rained too hard for anyone but ducks to be out and about.

My first stop was the Collingswood Bike Share, a fenced-in area filled with bikes for rent near the parking lot where the farm market is usually held. Yes, they were willing to fix my chain. All the guy did was pull back the wheel, tighten it a little, and oil it. Took less than five minutes. I was serenaded by the volunteers singing Weird Al Yankovitz's "Fat" to "Bad" on the radio as they worked.

Locked the bike at the rack across the parking lot as soon as they finished, then headed off to the May Fair. Even at quarter after 10, they were already elbow-to-elbow busy. I dodged families and elderly car enthusiasts as I headed down to the classic car show first. There were so many cars packed onto Haddon Avenue, I think I walked four or five blocks and still didn't see them all. My favorite were several cherry-red vehicles, including a beautiful red and white Chevy, and a scarlet Red Baron-themed roadster with Snoopy and the Red Baron merchandise in the hood.

The rest of the fair consists of a midway for kids with small rides and bounce houses on the other side of Haddon Avenue, a craft show in between them, and the regular Farm Market on a side street. I went there next before they closed. (They close at noon, earlier than the rest of the fair.) They were so packed, I could barely walk around. Was able to get blueberries from North Carolina, along with first-of-the-season strawberries, asparagus, and a zucchini. 

Next stop was the cute booth with the knitted stuffed animals I saw at the full craft show in Collingswood last August. Chose the most adorable peach pig with purple ears for myself, and found a gift for Lauren, too. Sipped a cool pina colada from a smoothie booth while strolling through the midway. It mostly consisted of a Ferris wheel and tilt-a-whirl sized for little kids, a rock climbing wall, and lots of bounce houses. My favorites was the detailed house based around Cars, with a giant Lightning McQueen in between the slides, the nifty candy-themed house, and the one with the castle theme and the dragons painted on it. 

Headed back to the other side of Haddon Avenue for lunch. Several trucks and booths created a designated "food court" between GrooveGround Coffee Shop and DiBartolo Bakery. All of the food was so darn expensive, but a cabbage roll stuffed with rice and beef from a Polish booth wasn't bad. I had it with bourbon-vanilla applesauce. Both were yummy, though the tomato sauce on top of the cabbage roll was extremely salty. It was so busy, I sat with a father and his two sons so I could eat. Made a quick stop a block down at WaWa for a water and a pretzel to complete my meal.

By this point, it was nearly 12:30. I tried to check out a new thrift store, but it was mobbed with kids looking for cheap vintage toys. The crowds were getting heavier and heavier...and so were the dark clouds that gathered overhead. At that point, there was still more sun than clouds, but I wasn't taking chances. I headed home, taking the long way across a sparkling Newton Lake Park to enjoy the sun that remained.

Went straight upstairs when I got home. Watched Match Game '77 as I got organized. This was one of the episodes from the hilarious week that Minnie Pearl appeared with Dick Smothers. Minnie even dressed up in her usual fancy outfit and flowered hat. 

Switched to Hit the Deck on Amazon Prime after the show ended. I go further into this tale of the adventures of three Navy officers on shore leave in San Francisco at my Musical Dreams Movie Reviews blog.

Dressed the dolls for warmer June weather during the second half. Barbara Jean is in an orange and yellow geometric print sheath dress I found on eBay. Ariel wears Ivy's Rainbow Terrycloth Romper with the vinyl roller skates from an Our Generation Retro outfit. (And apparently isn't much of a skater, as she had a hard time standing up in them.) Whitney is also in an Our Generation Retro outfit, a purple sleeveless rose-print dress with shiny purple shoes Lauren bought her a few years ago. Josefina gets her Weaving Outfit. Molly's sleeveless ruffled Birthday Pinafore is more appropriate for summer than her actual birthday in April. Paired it with the white t-straps from her Polka Dot Outfit. Squeezed Samantha into her frilly pink-tiered Ice Cream Parlor dress. Jessa's in a gray t-shirt and her green culottes from the Girl Scouts outfit, along with green jelly shoes from one of Ariel's Our Generation outfits. Felicity sports a white gown with a bright blue cabbage rose print and ruffled sleeves I found at a doll clothes booth in the Deptford Mall over a decade ago.

Worked on writing for a little while after I finished with the girls. How does one know when they've found the Jabberwock? Follow the smoke trails, says Charles. Brett's not sure she wants to find this creature...but the do manage to find the Vorpal Sword...

Broke for dinner at 6:30. Watched a few Looney Tunes wartime shorts for Memorial Day. Bugs drives real-life Nazi leader Hermann Goring crazy when he tries to hunt him down in "Herr Meets Hare." Daffy does the same for an unnamed enemy when he becomes "Daffy the Commando." Gremlins from the Kremlin create a "Russian Rhapsody" when they attack Hitler's personal plane before he can bomb Moscow. "Bosco the Doughboy" fights a war from two decades before as he sings his way through the trenches during World War I.

Finished the night on YouTube with this week's marathon from YouTube channel owner Sam Mitchell. He started doing marathons of classic shows a few weeks ago, but I kept forgetting about them until tonight. This week, he posted episodes of the 2002 Family Feud with Richard Karn. While Karn and the show have problems (including an ugly set), they at least play more like the original show, and Karn at least tried to be decent. Check out Sam's marathon yourself and see how well you do against these fiercely competitive families! 

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