Tuesday, May 03, 2022

Burning Out

Once again, got a quick start this morning. At least it was a nice day to rush out. The weather at this point was gorgeous, sunny and breezy but not too warm. At the very least, I was only slightly late.

I wish I'd been infinitely late. Work was nothing short of a royal pain in the rear for my entire eight hour shift. Tuesday is our Senior Discount Day, and this is the first Tuesday of the month, which meant we were overwhelmed not only with older people looking for that 5 percent off, but huge, rowdy families using their beginning-of-the-month money. It also doesn't help that I'm really too tired to be dealing with anyone's bad attitudes. 

One older woman kept yelling about not being able to get a digital coupon and yelling about me not helping her with the online rewards app and yelling about her daughter not getting everything she wanted fast enough. After all her fussing, it turns out the item she wanted was part of a sale that required you to buy 25 dollars worth of baby products; she ended up leaving it. Even her daughter and the people behind her said she was being obnoxious and very rude. 

About an hour later, a young couple literally walked out and left in the middle of their order with no explanation. To my knowledge, they never returned, either. We were so short-staffed, we didn't have anyone to put away the cold items they didn't want. I ended up doing it before I signed off to go home. 

When I got in, I had a pleasant dinner and put the laundry downstairs while watching Sing You Sinners. I go further into this race track yarn featuring Bing Crosby, Fred MacMurray, and a young Donald O'Connor as a trio of very unalike brothers at my Musical Dreams Movie Review blog.

Finished the night on YouTube with Match Game '74. I watched the week of episodes I didn't get to catch on Buzzr tonight in honor of Broadway star Robert Morse, who passed away on April 20th. Morse is best-known nowadays for appearing as one of the ruthless advertising executives on Mad Men, but for most of his career, he appeared as goofy or slightly weaselly young men on the make. Broadway fans know him for his Tony-winning role as another ad executive, the rapidly upwardly-mobile J. Pierpont Finch in How to Succeed In Business Without Really Trying. (Charles Nelson Reilly also won a Tony as the whiny villain in that show.)

He certainly livened up this wacky week, which also included a very eager young redheaded contestant with a crush on Brett who had no problems with kissing Fannie, either. I suspect Robert and Richard were happier when he was defeated by lovely blonde Darlene, even if she didn't always have the most brilliant answer. Robert's attempt to help Darlene figure out the answer to what happens when Robinson Crusoe's man Friday stuck a banana in his ear and a lot of similar answers nearly sparked a riot; the very next day, he blurted out the answer to a question, and they had to throw it out. No wonder this would be his only week on the show.

At any rate, here's the entire week, for your enjoyment!

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