Thursday, May 26, 2022

Wand'rin Star

Slept until past 9:30. It was closer to 11:30 when I finally got dressed and had breakfast. Watched the last new episode of Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood while I ate. Daniel is "Disappointed at the Pool" when he finds out he can't take his new raft in, then the kids have to get out so the adults can swim alone. Dan's mother and Prince Tuesday the lifeguard encourage him to find something good in a frustrating situation. Likewise, he and Miss Elaina are "Disappointed at the Farm" when their duck friend isn't there, but they can play with other animals. They have to distract Margaret as well when she's upset that she's too little to ride Peaches the horse. 

Threw on a quick Bluey episode as I got organized. Bluey teaches Mum, Dad, and Bingo "Swim School" in their local pool, but isn't happy when Bingo tells tales. Mum and Dad try to show their daughters that telling on each other can do even more good than harm, helping to support each other and keep each other out of trouble.

Headed out after the cartoon ended. I can't wash big blankets and comforters at home, so I took my spring/fall comforter to the laundromat. Figured I might as well get the rest of the sheets done there, too. Thankfully, the laundromat was empty almost the entire afternoon. I had no trouble getting a washer or a dryer.

Went down to Dollar General while the laundry was in the washer. They didn't have date bars, but they did have packs of sugar-free electrolyte single mixes that were a heck of a lot cheaper than the ones at the Acme. Grabbed trash bags and gifts for Lauren...but I don't think I'll get the pecan roll again. They're just too sweet to eat all the time.

Sat outside after I dropped the laundry in the dryer and worked on story notes. It was cloudy, breezy, and a bit humid. Not a gorgeous day, but not too hot to be outside, either. It was actually rather pleasant. 

After I got home, I put the sheets and blanket away in my bedroom closet, then took the rest of the laundry downstairs to get that done. Spent the remainder of the afternoon reorganizing my musical DVD collection to get my new purchases in the boxes. Watched Paint Your Wagon while I worked. I go further into this epic 1969 western with a very peculiar cast at my Musical Dreams Movie Reviews blog. 

Got the other half of my laundry into the washer, then worked on writing after the movie ended. Brett and Charles move into the dark, dank cave. They find the Vorpal Sword stuck in the wall at the end...but the Jabberwock is there, too...

Broke for dinner, putting my laundry in the dryer, and Match Game '74 at quarter of 7. Gene's patchwork pants come in for some ribbing, but it's Fannie's hands-on sweater that really takes the cake. Richard's so amused by her sweater, he starts singing "She's Got the Whole World In Her Hands."

Young comedian Tom Dreesen joins in for Match Game PM. Richard cheered up long enough to help the others with "Jack __" and "__ Is Open" during the Audience Match. He had less luck when the contestant couldn't figure out "__ of Fools," though.

Finished the night with Murder She Wrote online after I put my laundry away. "Murder Takes a Curtain Call" when an former dancer friend of Jessica's takes her to the ballet in Boston. Two Russian dancers want to stay in the US like him and ask for her help. She takes them in, only to find that not only is the KGB keeping an eye on them, but one is found dead in their dressing room. Jessica stays in Boston while they remain at her house and she tries to figure out who really killed the Russian agent. 

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