Monday, May 09, 2022

Trouble In the Spring

Started off my day with a very quick breakfast, then went online for counseling...and found out via e-mail that the counselor would be late and it had been pushed back to 11:30. Fine. I couldn't find the list of jobs I thought I wrote down, so I started looking them up again. The phone interrupted me around quarter of 11. Yes, he did come in earlier than expected, so we were able to have that meeting after all.

I wish it went better. I don't think he understood me when I tried to explain my predicament, or I didn't go about explaining it in the right way. I wouldn't mind a second job, but it would have to be at home. What I want is to become an archivist of some type, then do writing gigs at home. He said he'd find someone to help me get a second job to go with the Acme job. I do NOT want to keep the Acme job. I want a job I actually enjoy doing and am really, genuinely good at. I can't handle retail anymore. I keep trying to tell people that, and they keep not listening.

I was so wiped out after I got off, I just decided to take another nap. This time, I slept until almost 2 PM. It was pretty warm in my rooms when I finally rolled out of bed. Checking my phone revealed it to be almost in the 70's. It was too nice to hang around any longer, so I headed out for a ride.

Was originally going to eat at Amato Brothers or Aunt Berta's Soul Food on the White Horse Pike. Alas, like most local businesses, they're closed on Mondays. Ended up riding over to Applebee's in Audubon instead. Enjoyed a Bacon Cheddar Chicken Sandwich and half the huge portion of fries in a nearly-empty restaurant. Saw a former Acme employee who now works for the post office and a grandmother and mother treat a little girl to a late lunch.

Next stop was Great Cuts to get my hair done...or it would have been, if the wait wasn't 40 minutes! I prowled around The Shoe Depot and GameStop until they were ready (though I didn't buy anything). Frankly, I'm not entirely happy with how my hair came out, either. The layering makes it hard to clip back, and I should have gone a little shorter.

At least the weather was gorgeous today. I enjoyed it as I took the back roads through Audubon and over the train bridge going home. Sunny, no wind, in the upper 60's-lower 70's. Couldn't get much nicer for early May.

Worked on writing when I got home. The Red King takes Duchess Marcia and the boys hostage. He's about to turn Brett over to the Red Knight and get rid of the White King Gene when Richard intervenes. The Red King's had enough of his meddling and turns Jack the Red Knight on him...

It was 7 before I broke for Match Game PM. Sweathog Ron Pallilo and bombshell Elaine Joyce join in here for jokes about an LA cop and the only thing an old folk's home resident could get to rise on Old Man Periwinkle. They have even more fun with "__ Is Right" in the Audience Match, given the obvious answer for game show fans. 

Ended the night after dinner and a shower with sitcom episodes featuring Match Game panelists. Rose (Betty White) doesn't know what to do about "Rose's Big Adventure" on The Golden Girls when her latest boyfriend Al decides to spend his retirement buying a boat and sailing it around the world. Meanwhile, the other ladies want to make over their garage as a guest bedroom, but have a hard time getting through to the Italian architect in the wheelchair Sophia hired.

Eddie gets a shock of his own in the later-season Family Matters episode "Getting Buff" when he sees his girlfriend Greta posing nude in his art class. He breaks up with her, until his sister Laura tells him why she did it. Meanwhile, Carl deals with an obnoxious bullying neighbor who stole his son's football, and Laura's surprised when her eccentric sculpture teacher Mr. Vreeland (Charles Nelson Reilly) praises her work after it had an encounter with Urkel. 

Oh, and Match Game Productions at YouTube decided that, in addition to continuing the alternating premieres of Password Plus and Super Password, he's going to re-run Match Game for everyone's chatting enjoyment, starting with the 1973 episodes. While the early episodes were relatively subdued compared to the nuttiness that followed, the pilot did give us our first riot five minutes in when Betty White disagreed with the judge's not matching "friend" and "boyfriend." The very first episode showcased the first sexually-charged answer, via Laugh-In comedienne Anita Gillette. We also see Michael Landon's only week; he disliked the new rules for the game and declined to return. 

Look for Password Plus and Super Password alternating at 9:30, followed by "That 70's Hour" of a Match Game double-header at 10 and 10:30 Eastern!

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