Thursday, May 12, 2022

Sunshine Surprise

Got a quick start today with breakfast and a glance out the window. It was supposed to rain, but while there were clouds outside, they were neither heavy, nor threatening. I was able to ride my bike to and from work normally.

No trouble at work for once, either. Today was my first bagging day in a while...which may be just as well, since we were dead for a lot of the day. They never even needed me in a register. Worst that happened was I kept having to take cardboard boxes to the back room when I was trying to do other things. It did pick up a bit later, to the point where I had a harder time keeping up with the carts...but the evening bagger arrived at 4, took over the sweeping, and helped me with the carts. 

At least it wound up being a nice day for pushing carts. It never rained, or even got close. We had off-and-on clouds all afternoon. The sun was actually coming out by the time I went home. 

Went straight home, changed, had a quick leftovers dinner, and watched Match Game '74. The first episode began with Gene literally pulling a leg his entrance. The others are more interested in figuring out "__ Nun" in the Audience Match and chuckling at Gene's actually pretty accurate Columbo imitation. Jimmie Walker made his first appearance on the show in the second episode, and yes, Gene gets him to say his signature "Dyn-o-mite!"

Another young sitcom actor, Helaine Lembeck from Welcome Back Kotter, joined Dick Martin and Betty White for the Match Game PM episode. Everyone had some pretty darn amusing answers to what a hapless honeymooner found between him and his wife in bed and how Betty White's __ hasn't been the same since it was washed in the goldfish bowl. The others didn't do much better with "__ My Heart" on the Audience Match.

Worked on writing for a bit after that. Instead of having Jack push Richard out the window, Jack hangs back when Brett tries to pull him away. The Red King finally shoots Richard with his magic. Brett tries to deflect it, only for it to hit him in the head, and Richard to trip and go out the window anyway. Brett does manage to help Marcia and Queen Helen escape, but the Red King sends her to Limbo before she can.

Finished the night with The Gay Divorcee on HBO Max. I go further into Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers' first starring vehicle at my Musical Dreams Movie Reviews blog.

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