Monday, May 02, 2022

Springtime Mysteries

This time, I started off the day with a quick breakfast, then went back upstairs. I wanted to get all of the information the Vocational Rehabilitation Office wanted printed, scanned, signed, and sent out. I was able to sign everything...but there's so much information I need to send them. It took me too long to scan the paperwork Dr. Sarah Gullick sent me. I almost wound up being late to work.

I almost wish I was. Work was a pain in the rear. We were busy almost the entire afternoon. It's the beginning of the month, which means a lot of people using their government money who can't shop at any other time...and a lot of people putting back orders or giving me trouble about the high prices. We can't do anything about the inflation. I was so happy it slowed down enough for me to get out of there.

Rushed home in time to have leftovers for dinner and watch Match Game '74. No idea why they jumped way back to the week with Nipsey Russell, Anita Gillette, and Jo Ann Worley. Brett, for once, gets to do the Head-to-Head for "Candy __.," and she's nervous as heck about it. Richard was more interested in the pretty blonde southern contestant and her answer to what Adam told Eve not to do to his fig leaf. 

Nearly passed out during Match Game PM. Nipsey sticks around, while Sarah Purcell of Real People and Betty White joins in to find out what 102-year-old Mr. Periwinkle swaps at his swapping party. Richard doesn't have as much luck with "__ Wolf."

Switched to Mickey Mouse Clubhouse after the show. Goofy is "Chef Goofy On the Go" when he shows Mickey and Minnie his new lunch truck. Suddenly, the whole gang has orders they want, from Chip and Dale needing lunch in the jungle to Daisy and Donald needing their lunches on the mini golf course to Pete's grandma just needing help getting down from the Shape Rock Formations.

Finished the night online with episodes of 70's police and detective mysteries. Jamie's up to her neck in Clue-esque dark old house mystery and, maybe a touch of "Black Magic" in the second season of The Bionic Woman. Vincent Price plays the late Cyrus Carstairs, who hid his fortune (including a secret formula) in a strong box, and his brother Manifred. Jamie poses as an estranged fortune-telling niece to find that strong box. She'll have to dodge both the eccentric and greedy members of the Carstairs family and the shifty butler (Abe Vigoda).

I've wanted to catch Barnaby Jones for a while, another 70's mystery featuring a Match Game semi-regular. In this case, Lee Merriweather is the daughter of the aging private eye of the title (Buddy Ebsen). Went with the finale of the second season, "Foul Play." Jones investigates the murder of a hood who was blackmailing the star player on the local basketball team. The team's owner, who wants to keep his star out of the papers, may know a lot more than he's telling.

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