Friday, May 27, 2022

Stormy Weather

It was only cloudy when I got up this morning, but I could still see it was no day for bike riding. It was supposed to rain later. I called for a ride from Uber instead. Got it within five minutes; got my ride home within 8. In fact, the driver showed up earlier than expected.

Began work today as a bagger. Pushed carts and swept the store until the afternoon bagger arrived around noon. After that, I went in for a cashier so she could go home. We were busy during the lunch rush hour, but a storm later in the afternoon cleared out our customers. By the time a cashier came in for me a bit early, it was so dead, I spent my last half-hour doing returns.

Picked up a few snacks after work. Want to share those delicious fudge-topped shortbread cookies and blueberry scones with Lauren. Had a coupon for Larabars; went with the apple pie. Am almost out of peanut butter. The Jiff I usually use was recalled, so I went with Crazy Richard's, which is also low in salt. Made use of an online coupon and picked up Talenti's Southern Butter Pecan Ice Cream.

And yes, I do work the rest of the weekend after tomorrow. Long hours, too. Seven hours on Sunday, eight on Memorial Day. Thank goodness I'm off for vacation from the day after Memorial Day through the week after! Lauren will be visiting, and as always, I'm looking forward to it. We always have a great time together. 

Went straight upstairs to relax over Match Game '74 when I got home. Amanda Blake of Gunsmoke and Gene Wood, one of the most famous game show announcers of all time, joined Joyce Bulifant and the regulars this week. Gary Burghoff takes offense to short jokes in the opening, while Brett is thrilled when Gene says her current wig makes her look younger. A contestant asks Gene to roll down the steps again for her daughter...and despite his protests that it hurt, he did!

Gary was less pleased during the next episode when the judge matched "nurse" and "woman" and not "woman" and "girl cadaver" for a question about why Dr. Welby doesn't want anyone to look in his closet. (He did have a point that the matching was a little sexist.) Richard had the best answer, though! He was happier when they helped a very pretty young hopeful nurse with "Moving __" in the Audience Match.

Had dinner while watching Match Game PM. Bernie Koppel of The Love Boat and Get Smart joined in for what would be the last episode on the original orange set. It's also the last nighttime episode with the original Head-to-Head where the contestant got to choose the panelist they Richard ended up helping them with "__ Sitter." It's also one of those later episodes with hapless contestants who just can't match anyone. The only reason they had a tie was Charles matched each one once.

Finished the night after a shower with Mystery Science Theater 3000. Finally got around to "Master Ninja II," the second "film" made from two episodes of a failed 1984 action series about an older ninja (Lee Van Cleef) who takes a young mercenary (Timothy Van Patten) under his belt. This time, they help a young female motorcyclist (Crystal Bernard) organize her union and is getting opposition from the owner of the cannery where she works and rescue the daughter (Jennifer Runyon) of an industrialist (George Lazenby) from terrorists. 

Ehh, same deal. Joel and the robots keep complaining about how cheesy it is, but I think that's it's charm. It's still fun quasi-Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles fare that doesn't take itself seriously for a second. 

(And the rain returned around 11-11:30...this time in full force and with thunder and lightning. It was really coming down for a while! It ended some time ago and isn't doing anything now, as far as I can tell.)

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