Wednesday, May 04, 2022

April Showers Bring May Flowers

Considering it was raining when I got up this morning, it was a good thing I could sleep in a little bit. Spent most of the morning after a quick breakfast completing the paperwork I needed for the Vocational Rehabilitation appointment on Monday. Some of it, I sent in the mailbox on the White Horse Pike on my way to work. Sent anything that was too big or heavy for the mail via e-mail later in the evening. Thankfully, the rain was long gone by the time I left. It was just windy, cloudy, and a little cool.

Work wasn't anywhere near as much trouble as yesterday! Yes, we had a lot of people grumbling over having to buy bags instead of getting them for free, and others just carried their food out in their carts when they left their bags in their cars. I'm hoping that people will gradually get better about remembering their bags and this will be less of a problem. Otherwise, we weren't that busy, and there really wasn't much trouble beyond a few grumpy customers. It got so busy by 6, they sent the girl from self-checkout in for me.

Needed a few things after work. Found salt-free organic cashews on clearance in the back. Grabbed scones from the bakery to take to work, a gift card for Mother's Day, cranberry walnut salad for lunch tomorrow, and milk for the household. 

As soon as I got in, I changed and got organized while watching Match Game '74. This is one of the ones I watched last night, where Gene asked everyone what Robinson Crusoe said Friday was after he stuck a banana in his ear. Robert Morse did ape imitations to indicate "Ape" to the contestant behind Gene's back. Everyone said variations on "bananas" or "crazy" after the contestant did say "ape" (except Fannie Flagg, who said "deaf"). None were accepted by the judge, leading to a near-riot and Gene starting the round over.

Had leftovers for dinner while watching Match Game PM. The audience was incredibly rowdy during this episode, even for this show. I couldn't help wondering if some of them had been partaking in the consumption of alcoholic beverages with most of the panelists. They loudly booed pretty much every answer given, even the ones that made sense. Poor David Landsburg looked like he was ready to hide, and Lee Merriweather was upset, too. Gene was happier to meet a woman contestant who spoke fluent Serbo-Croatian like him. 

Finished the night on YouTube with their free streaming of Sailor Moon R: Promise of the Rose. This is the first of three hour-long "movies" made for the series in its later seasons. Here, Mamoru and the girls first encounter a strange young man who says he's an old friend of Mamoru's at a hot-house nursery. He's really a lonely alien who befriended Mamoru when he was an orphan. Mamoru gave him a flower, and he wanted to give him one that was even lovelier...but the flower he chose was a wicked creature that took over his mind and used him to steal energy from living beings. The Guardians have to rescue Mamoru from his clutches and prove that even the most delicate flower can weather any storm with a little help from their friends...and that friends don't abandon friends in time of need.

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