Tuesday, April 06, 2021

Busy, Busy Spring

Began the morning with breakfast and Mickey Mouse Mixed-Up Adventures. Mickey invites Pete and his dog Spike to live with him and Pluto after a possum who stole his lunch ends up destroying his junkyard shack. "Mickey's Roommate" turns out to be a less-than-pleasant guest, until he finally sets up a few ground rules. Mr. Doozy, who owns the local hotel, calls the Happy Helpers to get his hotel ready for a huge family reunion. The girls decorate the rooms in "Minnie's Bow-Tel" to reflect the interests of every guest...but there's one secret room they can't figure out what to do with...

Did the first half of To Tell the Truth as I got ready for work. Kitty Carlisle rejoins Gene Rayburn, Peggy Cass, and Bill Cullen to figure out which of three men spent 37 days stranded off the coast of the Galapagos Islands with his family in a small life raft, then a smaller dinghy. Bill knew the family and dropped out early, and Peggy seemed to be more interested in what happened afterwards than how they did it. Gene, Kitty, and I all claimed it was sturdy, rugged #1 with the shaggy beard...and yes, we were all right. 

For the second day in a row, work was no trouble in the morning, when I was outside pushing carts and enjoying glorious, sunny, breezy spring weather. Once the rush hour crowds arrived, so do the problems. I had no help today at all, and the evening bagger called out. I had to do all the sweeping and running errands myself. Cleaned up after two small messes before they tossed me in a register to go in for someone's break. The carts kept vanishing faster than I could keep up with them. 

I wasn't the only one with no help, either. Everyone is either on Easter vacation or on leave, and we have no help at all. The two lines were down the aisles at one point. 

At least one thing went right. The pharmacy dug up a few more doses of the one-shot virus vaccine and offered one to me, since I can't really get too many other places to do it. It took all of five minutes and only pinched a little going in. I have felt a bit woozy and sniffly since then, though nothing worse than that.

Rushed straight home as fast as I could after work ended. Changed quickly, dropped towels and my clothes into the laundry basket, then took the laundry over to Jodie's side of the house. She's away until Wednesday and said I could use her washer and dryer again. Figured I'd get the laundry done tonight and focus on spring cleaning for my remaining two days off this week. 

By the time I came back to my side, Match Game '76 was almost on. Brianne Leary finished out her run as a contestant on the first episode, finally losing to a gentleman from New York. For some reason, Buzzr skipped the next two episodes, going midway into the week with Bob Barker, Patty Duke, and Fannie Flagg. A sweet librarian named Johnny (she's a lady) joined them in figuring out the Audience Match for "___ Nation" and Bob's attempt to ask for the first item up for bids!

Spent the next hour writing. Richard is instantly intrigued by the arrival of two female reporters. The tall, beautiful woman with the bright smile and light-brown hair is elegant and stunning, but also very pushy! She and the younger red-headed girl with her start asking Gene more questions than he's willing to answer.

Finished out the night online with Dancing Lady and folding the laundry. I go further into this 42nd Street-style vehicle for Joan Crawford from 1933 at my Musical Dreams Movie Reviews blog.  


Linda said...

Emma, have you considered asking Jodie if you can use the washer/dryer every week? You could offer to give her the money you usually spend on the washer/dryer at the laundromat, as a contribution to the water bill.

Emma said...

She said she didn't want me walking around on her side of the house all the time when she was there. She also likes her privacy. Considering everything she's gone through in the past year, I wasn't going to argue with her.