Monday, April 05, 2021

Windy Spring

Began the morning with breakfast and Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood. "Good Morning, Daniel" shows off his early ritual as he changes his clothes, has breakfast, and brushes his teeth. He learns a lesson about being on time when goofing off with his shoes almost makes him late for school. His parents say "Good Night, Daniel!" when he has his dinner, takes his bath, puts on his pajamas, and insists on a story and song from Mom.

Did the first guest on To Tell the Truth as I got ready for work. Gene Rayburn and Sherrye Henry stick around to decide which handsome young Asian man is a martial arts expert and the technical advisor to the Kung Fu show with David Carradine. I went with attractive number 2. Sherrye and Gene chose sturdy #1 ("because he doesn't look like I could lick 'em" smirked Gene) ...and they were right. (Gene had a very funny entrance in this episode, too, doing what I'm sure was his idea of martial arts, but looked more like he had ants in his pants.) 

Headed along to work as soon as the guests were revealed. Things didn't start out badly. It was too beautiful of a day to be busy this morning. Even the few clouds from yesterday vanished, leaving a bold blue sky, warm sunshine, and the same chilly wind. Had no trouble gathering carts...until noon. Not only did the customers pick up at that point, but the indoor sweeping starts at noon. I had to do that, push carts, bring the recycling from the offices back to the bailer, and return cold items. Thankfully, someone was able to take over sweeping later. On top of all that, I had to go in for a cashier's break at one point because they had no one else.

Needless to say, I was very happy to get out of there. It was too nice not to take the long way home down Nicholson Road, even though it was the height of rush hour. Dodged traffic around Applebee's and the shopping center entrance going down Nicholson Road. As usual, the cars cleared out once I entered Oaklyn. 

Worked on writing after I got home. Gene sends the bandit with the bullet in his hand off with Deputy Bill Daily to Dr. McLean Stevenson across the street to get stitches and lets Gary calm Patti Deustch, the frightened bank teller. Meanwhile, he wants to have a chat with Richard Dawson, who is the greatest marksman he's ever seen...

Broke for at 6:30 to heat up that steak dinner Jodie gave me yesterday and for Match Game '76. Took down the Easter decorations while it cooked. Brianne Leary, later an actress on CHiPs, won a great deal of money in four episodes towards the end of 1976. She went on to become the only contestant on the 70's-80's version who later became a panelist when she turned up for two weeks in 1979. Brett was more interested in Gene opening her bottle of soda for her in the opening.

Match Game PM featured a noisy audience roaring at jokes about what Sir Arthur takes to bed with him and a South Carolina man's long drawl. David Doyle was far less happy about the Star Wheel landing on him. He had to help the contestant win with "__ Stadium."

Sale of the Century got a tad closer tonight. The champ bought the first Instant Bargain, but the other lady won two Fame Games, and the one man was almost neck-and-neck with her by the end. She burst ahead in the Speed Round and won the Bonus Round with seconds to spare.

Finished the night online with vintage TV show episodes. Charlie's Angels don't think a man who owns a secluded resort looks like "The Killing Kind." Looks can be deceiving, as they discover when an enterprising reporter washes up dead on shore. His blind father says she was murdered. The girls investigate the resort and its reclusive owner, then have to find the blind man when he vanishes.

Jeannie encounters "The Second Greatest Con Artist In the World" in the third season when a man (Milton Berle) who claims to be a wealthy industrialist sells her a phony "diamond" beach in Hawaii in exchange for her expensive pin from King Tut. Angry at his behavior, she turns the tables on him. 

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