Thursday, April 08, 2021

Sunny Day Blues

Awoke to my beeping alarm clock. I opened my eyes, saw the clock said "6:30," and closed them for what I figured would be a few minutes. When I opened them again, the clock said "7:56"...and I had to be at work by 8:30! Jumped out of bed, rushed around, and never got to reading or my journal.

Barely had time for To Tell the Truth while I changed into my work clothes and gulped down a slice of quiche. Maybe it's just as well that I'd seen this segment with the blind man who saved his three-year-old daughter from drowning before. Gene, Kitty, and I all guessed #2, who seemed the most knowledgeable about the many activities the man did...and we were all right.

Rushed out as soon as the segment ended and barely got to work on time. It was a bad start to a frustrating day. I hadn't even been at work for an hour when I tripped over a concrete parking lot barrier that separated the lot from the bench where people wait for the bus while trying to get a cart left over there. Landed hard on my right arm; thankfully, it was protected by a jacket I wore to ward off the morning chill and only ended up with some nasty bumps and bruises. 

We're still badly short of help. As soon as the noon rush hour started, I suddenly had to do everything, including shelve cold items someone didn't want and sweep the store. The lines snaked around the store, not because we were busy, but because we only had two cashiers to handle everything during a busy time. I got stuck in a register twice due to the lines being so long...and every time I tried to take a break or return to the carts, there just seemed like more work to do.

Didn't manage to get outside again until past 4, by which time the afternoon bagger had arrived to help me out. At least it was a gorgeous day to be outside. The weather was sunny, breezy, and even warmer than yesterday, probably hitting the 70's. 

That's why I took the long way home down Nicholson Road, too. I wanted to enjoy the lovely weather while we still have it. Surprisingly, it was only busy around the entrance to the Audubon Crossings Shopping Center. Nicholson Road wasn't bad, Oaklyn even less-so. The towns are really looking beautiful now. Pale green leaves and spicy-scented flowers put in their first appearances earlier in the week. Every garden bursts with daffodils and hyacinths. 

Jodie stopped me on my way in to say "hi" and ask if I'd gotten my vaccination yet. She said she's gotten hers and Craig got his a while back. She also mentioned a package for me arrived - Springtime In the Rockies, a Betty Grable movie I ordered off eBay because I thought it would be perfect for a review this month. (Look for it next week!)

Did a little writing after I changed into regular clothes. Richard flirts with reporter Lee Merriweather, but she's more interested in getting the scoop on the bandits and how he and Marshal Rayburn captured them. Debralee Scott is more than happy to flirt with him, but he thinks she's too young for his taste.

Broke for Match Game '76 at 6:30. Gene really got into a question about the Godfather and his wondering if one of his men drowning was an accident, while Gary almost literally screamed the answer to an earlier question about what a waiter has to spray a chef's food with. Match Game PM returned to the first episode I ever saw on Buzzr. Hot Lou Grant reporter Robert Walden and golden beauty Elaine Joyce joined the group to see Bill Daily nervously answer "__ ing Pretty" in the Head-to-Head.

It was another close game on Sale of the Century. This time, the champ simply couldn't keep up with everyone else. The one woman won a Fame Game; the other guy bought an Instant Bargain. He eventually jumped ahead in the Speed Round and won the Bonus Round with ease.

Finished out the night online with Broadway to Hollywood at Watch TCM. I go further into this through-the-years chronicle at my Musical Dreams Movie Reviews blog.

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