Monday, April 12, 2021

Chilly Spring

Began a cloudy, chilly morning with breakfast and Doc McStuffins. "Dad's Favorite Toy" was a charming French ocean explorer action figure and his whale. The explorer is supposed to be able to "jump" off the whale's seat, thanks to a button, but now he just crashes. Doc has to figure out why he can't flip anymore. Chilly the Snowman definitely gets a green-button-eyed monster in "Chilly and the Dude." "The Dude" is a stuffed snowman Doc's mom intends to include in a raffle basket. He's charming and athletic, all of which nervous Chilly isn't. Doc assures him that they like him just the way he is.

Worked on writing for a little while after I ate. Lee tries interviewing Richard, but he came in late and doesn't really know a whole lot. She's less than thrilled when he jokes about his fancy suit and asks for a tailor to fix the gunshot hole in his cuff. 

Broke with just enough time to change, pack a lunch, and dash off to work. Considering I'm cashiering all week, I'm glad we were dead for most of the day, with far more help. Rush hours were busy, but passed quickly. If the weather didn't scare people off, they likely did their shopping last week during Easter break or the week before. I was in and out with no trouble.

Went straight home after work. Found an Amazon package for me on the front porch and a birthday card from Mom. The Amazon package held another bag of Sunkist Fruit Gems for me from Lauren. The card had a gift certificate for Amazon. 

Match Game '76 was just ending and going into the next episode as I changed and warmed up leftovers for dinner. George, one of the show's longest-lasting contestants (he would continue winning for the next 11 episodes), made his debut towards the beginning of the episode. By the end, he was hearing jokes about "Hip ___" for the Audience Match and witnessing Betty White dancing along to Gene's "hip bone connected to..." song.

Bill Daily is even more nervous than usual when called on to answer "Heads ___" for 20,000 in the Match Game PM Head-to-Head. He was hot as heck before that, answering at least 2 matches correctly. Meanwhile, Joe Santos asked his mother in the audience for help on the first question, Patty Duke is very interested in the male contestant, and Charles' answer for the first Audience Match was the extremely odd "Mad as Sylvia."

Sale of the Century started close, with no one buying anything and the one lady winning money on the Fame Game. Even with buying the Instant Cash, the champ jumped ahead in the second half and won the Speed Round decisively. He still had trouble on the bonus round, though.

Finished out the night on Tubi with Alias Jesse James. Milford Farnsworth (Bob Hope) is a very bad insurance salesman who is so desperate to hang on to his job, he sells a 100,000 dollar insurance policy to notorious gunslinger Jesse James (Wendell Corey). The company can't afford to pay that out if he dies, so they send Farnsworth out west to keep an eye on him. James wants the money for his would-be girlfriend Cora Sue Collins (Rhonda Fleming) and keeps trying to kill Farnsworth or convince him to pass as an outlaw and get killed. Farnsworth keeps dodging every death trap, especially after he and Cora Sue fall for each other. He's finally ready to head home after he helps rob a train...but it's Cora  Sue who convinces him to make one last try at stopping that insurance policy.

Mildly amusing comedy is basically the same premise as the earlier Hope western The Paleface, with him selling insurance instead of being a dentist and the girl a saloon dancer instead of a markswoman. If you're a fan of western movies and TV shows of the 50's and 60's, you'll appreciate the last five minutes, with many popular stars of the era making cameos (including a certain old friend of Hope's...).

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