Friday, April 16, 2021

Adventures In the Rain

Started off a cloudy morning with breakfast and Body Language. This time, Jm J. Bullock is the one who got the right answers on the puzzles and helped his contestant make it to the bonus round. They got so close! She guessed 9 words right on the second round...but only missed the Bonus Round words by one.

Buzzr moved on to Blockbusters as I sipped my tea. The show started off with a single lady and a brother and sister team. The duo won half-way through, but they didn't have as easy of a time with the Gold Run. They were just starting the first round with another lady when the show ended.

I started out around quarter after 11...then went briefly back inside. My birthday presents from Linda Young arrived! She sent me one of the most recent Maisie Dobbs books, To Die But Once, a really nice journal, and a pretty flowered card. Maisie's now stacked with the other to-be-read (or re-read) books on the shelves I use as nightstands.

It started raining lightly as I rode down Atlantic and down to Nicholson Road. I hadn't checked out the stores in the Audubon Crossings Shopping Center for a while. No luck at Ross, but I did find a butter-soft leather wallet at Marshalls to replace the vinyl floral one I've had for at least a decade and cotton bags for produce. No luck at The Shoe Depot, either. Didn't like their sandals, and the one pair of New Balance sneakers I saw weren't that great of a price. 

Did better at Goodwill. Found the George Winston Summer album on CD, then dug through the huge, messy stacks of records across the way. Came up with:

Finian's Rainbow - Original Broadway Cast

Gypsy - Soundtrack for 1962 movie

Danger: High Voltage - 1981 K-Tel collection

The Music of Broadway: 1932 & 1933-34 - Two-disc sets of music taken from shows released during that era. They weren't making original cast albums in the US then, so these are more often big band covers, though there is an original performer (like Fred Astaire) here and there.

After I hit Shoe Depot, I went a block down to Great Cuts to get my hair done. It's getting a little too long and was frizzy all winter. Got it cut to shoulder-length. It looks fine, but it's still a little frizzy. Maybe I should have gone a tad shorter.

Hit the Acme next for this week's grocery shopping. Picked up a green pepper and thickly shredded mozzarella to go with the dinner I had planned. Found manager's coupons on three fish fillets, two crusted. The 18-count eggs are on sale for $1.49 with an online coupon. I still have half a container of eggs, but that was too good of a sale to miss. Grabbed another container of the natural Jiff peanut butter while that's on sale, too. Restocked powdered sugar, milk, leafy greens, broccoli, bananas, yogurt, ground turkey, and Crest toothpaste.

Not as happy with my schedule next week. In good news, more hours, Monday and next Friday off. Really wish I didn't have to work 8 1/2 hours two days in a row, or do cashiering all but one day (including one of the 8 1/2 hour days). I just do not like cashiering. It's really draining for me to handle tons of people all the time. 

Headed straight home in time for a smoothie lunch and the second half of Super Password. Fred Grandy and his contestant were just starting the Super Password bonus round when I came in. He didn't have as much luck in the next round with a new contestant. 

Tattletales was funny as heck today, thanks to hammy Match Game host Gene Rayburn and his very witty wife Helen appearing. Though they lost, they made winners Nancy Sinatra and her beloved husband Hugh Lambert and Steve Forest of S.W.A.T and his wife Cris look a little staid by comparison! (For one thing, Gene was the only guy who used his hands to describe...certain areas...of Raquel Welch's anatomy in a question.) 

Press Your Luck got pretty wild, with two contestants being slammed with Whammies in the first round. The second went better. It came down to the two ladies. In the end, the other woman couldn't make enough to unseat someone who picked up a trip to Las Vegas and a game table, among other prizes, along with a ton of money and one Whammy.

Worked on writing for a while after the show ended. Re-wrote the beginning to make Nipsey Russell the bartender who explains to Richard what's going on in Televisia City. Decided I'd make Charles the local teacher instead. 

Broke for dinner at 6:30. Sliced onion and green pepper, crushed garlic, browned ground turkey, and boiled noodles for a skillet Italian Casserole. Watched Match Game '79 as I worked. Hunky Lou Grant reporter Robert Walden joins pretty and smart Audrey Landers and an extra-goofy Patty Duke to find out if Patty's under the Audience Match Patti ___. 

I have no idea who Ronny Graham is, but he was a delightful presence on Match Game PM. He really had fun answering questions about why there's __ in a copy of The Last Supper. Meanwhile, Gene's wondering where the lights went during his entrance and Fannie Flagg's more than a little nervous when she has to answer "__ Miss" during the Head-to-Head.

The sweet young woman contestant keeps rolling along on Sale of the Century. She dominated most of the show, buying both Instant Bargains and the Instant Cash and winning all of the Fame Games. The other woman started to catch up towards the end of the show, but she won the Speed Round decisively, then did equally well with the Bonus Round.

Finished the night at Tubi with Rio Lobo. After the Civil War, Colonel Cord McNally (John Wayne) goes after the person who robbed a train of payroll money for the Union Army and killed a good friend of his. He looks up former Confederate army members Captain Pierre "Frenchy" Cordona (Jorge Rivero) and Sergeant Tuscarosa Phillips (Chris Mitchum), who don't know much more about the whole affair than he does. Shasta Delaney (Jennifer O'Neill) arrives in town with her own vendetta. Lawmen from the wild town Rio Lobo killed her father, and she wants them arrested. McNally figures out they were among the traitors who sold the Union Army out and follows Shasta and Frenchy to Rio Lobo. 

Everyone there is terrified of wealthy Ketchum (Victor French) and the violent sheriff he installed, Hendricks (Mike Henry). McNally rounds up an odd assortment of townspeople, including Amelita (Sherry Lansing), the Mexican girl who wants revenge on Hendricks for slashing her face, and Tuscarosa's grizzled father (Jack Elam) to take Ketchum and Hendricks down.

Third and final version of a story Howard Hawks told twice before (in Rio Bravo and El Dorado). It's not nearly as good as those two...but it still brings back a ton of memories. My stepfather was a huge John Wayne fan, and we watched this movie a lot in the 90's. I rather like the feisty ladies here, including Lansing as tough Amelita, and Elam's having fun towards the end as the nutty old man. Mainly for huge fans of Wayne or Hawks, or for those who grew up watching it on video and cable from the late 70's onwards. 

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