Thursday, April 22, 2021

Cold for Earth Day

Kicked off a sunny, cold morning with a quick breakfast and an episode of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. The gang is holding a surprise party for Minnie, but they give her so many chores to keep her away while they set it up, she doesn't feel terribly appreciated. She dreams that Fairy Godmother Clarabelle gives her a fancy dress and glass shoes and helps her attend Prince Mickey's ball as "Minnie-ella."

Hurried off to work even before the show ended. I worked the register for the entire 8 and 1/2 hours today. It was...mostly very boring. We were on-and-off busy, and once again only had long lines because we had no one to take them. There were only two cashiers until almost the evening. I did get a WIC check in the end that almost made me late getting off, but other than that and the occasional lines, there were no major problems. 

Raced home as soon as I could. My new DVD player came today! It's a Mediasonic, and it's small - even smaller than the Sony - and very easy to set up and play. All you need to do is just plug the right cord in the sockets. My only complaints is that the buttons are downsized too, on the player and on the remote control. It's hard to tell what's stop, pause or menu. Otherwise, it appeared right away on my TV and played fine. 

Worked a little bit on writing after that. Richard notes the splendor of the City Hall furnishings. That's because the railroad has their offices on the second floor, Richard explains. Head boss Mark Goodson is usually in New York and is rarely seen, but his representative Ira Skutch is usually in residence.

Jodie knocked at the door to the main house around quarter of 6. Did I want some shrimp scampi and a very salty piece of garlic bread for dinner? Sure, why not? I've had a long couple of days, and I probably wasn't up to cooking anyway.

Switched to Match Game '79 after I broke for dinner at 6:30. We have a new group today, with sweet Susan Richardson, dour Richard Deacon, and Robert Pine of Chips joining Fannie Flagg and the regulars. Deacon's even grumpier than usual when the lights on his name look like they aren't lit, while Brett and Charles make jokes in the background. Gene has to referee Wesley Eure and Debralee Scott  teasing each other on Match Game PM, while Charles tries to help a waitress at Disneyland's private club win 10,000 on "Turning __." 

In honor of Earth Day, I put on The Lorax as I relaxed on the futon. The Lorax is a strange little orange fellow who speaks for the Truffula trees, but the greedy Onceler insists on chopping them down at an alarming rate to make his faddish Thneeds. It takes the Onceler driving away all of the animals and plantlife in the area and the loss of his business to make both understand the devastation that unchecked "progress" can cause.

Finished the night with Meet Me In Las Vegas at TCM's on demand site. I go further into this vehicle for Dan Dailey and Cyd Charisse and travel brochure for Vegas in the 50's at my Musical Dreams Movie Reviews blog.

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