Tuesday, April 13, 2021

Spring Is Here In Person

Kicked off the morning with breakfast and What's My Line? Arlene Francis caught on that the first contestant's item was a stand to allow children to practice their batting skills. Soupy Sales gave it a try, and actually managed to hit a few. Dana Valancy wasn't nearly as lucky and kept missing. No one got close to guessing that the woman contestant was the then-Chief Justice of the Court in Miami, Florida. Today's mystery guest was Cyril Ritchard, the Australian actor who today is likely best-remembered for playing Captain Hook in the first two versions of the Mary Martin Peter Pan. In 1972, he was playing the millionaire who falls for Robert Morse in drag in the Broadway show Sugar

Dashed off to work shortly after that ended. Work was slightly busier than yesterday, partly due to much nicer weather, and partly because today is Senior Discount Day. We're two blocks from a senior housing development, and a lot of them take advantage of the sale. In addition to dealing with them, I also had to handle a group of young men who kept arguing and fussing over their big load and whom would divide what. I suspected from their junk-laden carts and from their complaints that they were fishermen buying food for when they're at sea...and I was right. I know Mom used to get annoyed when my commercial fisherman stepfather bought huge orders of expensive junk food because that's what he was used to buying for his men.

Thankfully, it slowed down enough by 4:30 for me to leave without a relief. Took the long way home down Nicholson Road, despite it being the beginning of rush hour. It was too nice not to! Bright sunshine and radiant blue skies replaced the morning chill and clouds. I dodged traffic until I got into Oaklyn, where I was able to slow down and admire the gardens awash in flame-colored tulips and sun-yellow daffodils. 

Changed when I got home, then went straight into writing. Gene's more willing to discuss the destruction of the vault than Richard is. Richard claims he just wants to get his new suit repaired. Lee's more interested in the story than in either of their advances.

Switched to Match Game '76 while finishing off the Easter leftovers and taking out the trash. Elizabeth Allen, a friend of Charles', debuts on the show, joining Fannie Flagg, cranky Joey Bishop, and the regulars. Jokes about Brett and Gene's supposed tryst in Encino abounds here, especially from Joey after Gene gives Elizabeth her introductory kiss in the beginning. 

After dinner, I began my birthday cake. Found a recipe for Gold Cake in my 1950's Better Homes & Gardens Cookbook, added almond flavoring and strawberries, and made Almond-Strawberry Cake. Charles and Brett really got into answering the Audience Match question "I Hate ___" on Match Game PM, while Bob Barker's just hoping for a few kisses when he ends up playing the Head-to-Head.

We had another close game tonight on Sale of the Century. It was also a low-scoring game. Everyone bought or won something, but the champ finally pushed ahead in the second half and killed in the Speed Round. This time, he had fewer problems with the bonus round, too.

Finished the night watching Spring Is Here at TCM's on demand website. I go further into this cute 1930 romantic comedy with a couple of Rodgers and Hart songs at my Musical Dreams Movie Reviews blog. 

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