Friday, April 23, 2021

Spring at Home

Began the morning with breakfast and Blockbusters. Came in as a solo lady played a brother-sister team. She finally beat them, then won the Gold Run after a shaky start. She was on the first round with a mother/daughter team as the show ended.

Took a stroll to Dollar General after the episode ended. It wound up being a rather nice day, despite the continuing heavy wind. At least it was dry and cloudless, if a bit chilly. They were a bit busier than I expected, given the decent weather. I finally picked up a can of mandarin oranges, cooking spray, a kitchen towel to go along with the one Linda Young sent me for my birthday, and dry cloths for my dust mop. Thought I'd try Squirt, a brand of Mountain Dew-like citrus soda I'd heard of, but never seen until today.

Got home in time for an orange-strawberry smoothie and the second Match Game '75 episode. Years before Joan Collins became the most beloved villainess on prime time, she turned up in a memorable week with Scoey Mitchilll and Patti Deustch. Charles' answer for "Bi __" on the Audience Match was "bisexual"...and surprisingly for 1975, not only did the contestant choose it, but it was the second answer on the board. (Charles looked quite satisfied after they revealed the answer.) Later, Gene literally climbed the audience to get to a camera that wouldn't cut to a commercial!

After the lunacy with Match Game, I turned to cable-based apps on my new TV that were a lot safer. Activated Disney Now, Cartoon Network, TCM, Nickelodeon, and Nick Jr. Watched a recent episode of Bluey to test Disney Now. Bluey and Bingo are disappointed when they wake up on "Easter" to find that the Easter Bunny didn't leave them any colored eggs. He did leave a clue in their baskets, leading them on a merry chase all over the house looking for clues leading to the hiding place of their eggs.

Checked out the first episode of We Bare Bears to test Cartoon Network. The bears are ready to take prisoners when a backpack with "Our Stuff" is stolen after a basketball game. They try to retrieve it with the help of some shady pigeons, but end up making a worse mess all over town.

Ran the 1944 Kismet to test TCM and to watch while I worked on Honey White Bread. Ronald Coleman is magician and "King of the Beggars" Hafiz, who passes himself as the Prince of Hassir to gain entry to the home of the Grand Wazir (Edward Arnold). He's hoping the Wazir will marry his lovely young daughter Marsinah (Joy Page), but she's in love with the man she believes to be the gardener's son (James Craig). Hafiz wants to run away with the Wazir's head wife Jamilla (Marlene Dietrich), but he's caught and arrested for stealing clothes. He gets out of it only by promising to murder the Caliph...but he's the one who's surprised when he realizes whom the Caliph really is. Now he has to dodge the Caliph's men, save Marsinah from the Wazir, and get out of Baghdad with Jamilla, before they all end up losing a lot more than their hands.

Coleman makes for a charming rascal in this Technicolor Arabian Nights confection. Dietrich isn't the first person you'd drop in a story set in old Baghdad, and indeed, she does seem a little out of place. Arnold has more fun as the scheming Wazir. The sets and costumes are gorgeous, looking like illustrations from my old Arabian Nights book come to life. The musical remake has its own fun, but if you're a fan of Coleman or Dietrich or are looking for something closer to the original play, this is worth making appear.

Switched back to the second half of Super Password, just in time to see Jamie Widdoes try to help a lady through the bonus round. He and his new contestant only had slightly more luck with the next puzzles. Comedians Marty and Frenchie Allen were the big winners on Tattletales - and I do mean big, with over 500 won for the red section. 

Everyone got slammed with Whammies in the first half of Press Your Luck. The second half went better. The champ eventually just picked up enough money to beat the one guy and exceed what was then the money limit at CBS, entering the "hall of fame."

Heard giggling on Jodie's side of the house as Press Your Luck ended. Rose was visiting briefly with the kids. Finley was dying to come and see the Cabbies. We bounced on my mattresses (I don't have a real bed) for a few minutes before she played with my Cabbage Patch Kids at their little table and with my stuffed black kitty Luna. Mom, Khai, and one of the neighborhood kids came around a few minutes later to retrieve her...and a few minutes after that to find her favorite blanket.

Worked on writing as the dough rose on the window ledge in my bedroom. Gene explains to Richard that the railroad bought a lot of the land vacated by settlers that the Wild Rider Gang drove away. Sheriff Michael Landon was looking into this before he died...and likely died because someone didn't appreciate his meddling.

Broke for dinner at 6:30. Watched Match Game '79 while having crab cakes and leftover asparagus with my Honey White Bread. (It baked well enough, but the dough came out too cakey and bland.) This week finished with jokes about what a lazy dog chases and Fannie helping a contestant win 10,000 on "__ Harry."

Tonight's Match Game PM episode was hilarious...and actually, rather sweet. A poor lady was so nervous, she couldn't even remember her husband's name! Gene held her hand until she calmed down. Joyce Bulifant was only a little less nervous when she had to help her win 12,000 on "__ Inn." 

It was another close one Sale of the Century. Everyone bought something or won something, and no one pulled ahead until the champ pushed out slightly in the second half. She finally won the Speed Round by two questions, but had more trouble in the Bonus Round.

Finished the night on The Roku Channel with The A-Team. "The Battle of Bel-Air" from the second season introduces reporter Tawnia Baker, who is undercover as a clerk in a security firm. She warns the A-Team that Decker's after them, then recruits them to help her save an oil-sheik from being murdered by corrupt company executives. 

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