Friday, April 09, 2021

Spring Cleaning Day

Began a cloudy, gloomy morning with breakfast and Blockbusters. I came in during a pitched battle between a young man and a mother-daughter team. The young man won, and went on to only miss one question on the Gold Run as well. He and a mother-in-law and daughter-in-law team were working on their first round when the episode ended.

Moved to Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood as I cleaned up from breakfast. There's lots of new episodes in the neighborhood this month, including "Daniel's Rocking Chair." Mrs. Tiger's clearing out some of Daniel's old toys. He has a hard time giving things away, until he sees his friend Jodi's twin brothers happily playing with his old cars and his little sister Margaret settling in a rocking char that's too small. Prince Wednesday has a similar dilemma in "Prince Wednesday Gives Away His Book." He doesn't want to let his book on rock crystals go, until he sees how much O enjoys it.

"Daniel Does It Himself" when he's able to wait to play in the snow without waking up anyone in the family. He's even prouder when "Daniel Learns to Swing" as well as his friend Jodi. 

My stepmother Jodie brought in two packages as I worked, both from eBay. One held You're Not Elected, Charlie Brown, one of the Peanuts DVDs I bought to finish out my collection. The other has the early 50's musical cast album Make a Wish, a vehicle for Nanette Fabray. 

Switched to Match Game '75 while cleaning the kitchen. These episodes are probably among my favorites of the entire year. The first opens with Gene getting very into kissing Dolly Martin's hand. Dolly has a really interesting way of describing "loincloth" later in the episode too, as does Betty White! 

The second episode is absolutely hilarious. Allen Ludden constantly chatters about his fancy "tank" gun; Brett Somers later brags that he let her wear it. Later in the Audience Match, Gene jokingly answers with "I've had Betty," which brings her husband down for a chat. The contestant claims she'd belly dance if she won 5,000...and might have, if the music department hadn't played "Stars and Stripes Forever." Brett and Betty had no problems doing their idea of belly dancing, though! 

Continued with Classic Concentration's "Tournament of Champions" as I finished the kitchen. Every contestant in these two episodes were previous big winners who picked up the car in record time. Instead of the time on the clock for the match-the-car bonus round counting down, it counted up. If a contestant could get it in under the previous contestant's record, they could win the car. The women who won these rounds had no trouble doing so, especially the young lady in the second round who got it in 42 seconds!

Switched to Tubi for Abbott and Costello Meet the Killer, Boris Karloff as I ordered a chicken cheesesteak and fries from Crown Gyros and Steaks for a special lunch. Bellboy Freddy Phillips (Costello) is accused of murdering criminal attorney Amos Strickland (Nicholas Joy) when he's found with the body. Freddy got angry earlier after Strickland ordered him fired for his incompetence, and now the cops all think he did it. Only house detective Casey Edwards (Abbott) believes in his innocence. There's enough strange people wandering around the hotel to pass for suspects, including the odd Swami Talpur (Karloff), black widow Angela Gordon (Lenore Aubert), and Melton the nervous hotel manager (Alan Mowbray). Casey finally decides to use Freddy as bait, claiming he has a certain blood stained handkerchief that could give the murderer away...but Freddy's not so thrilled when the bodies start piling up and the bullets are all aimed in his direction.

Despite the title, Karloff doesn't really have much to do in this bizarre mystery, other than one sequence where he attempts to hypnotize the childish Freddy. The convoluted mystery is frankly a little dull and hard to follow, and we never do find out what the blackmailing is all about. Abbott and Costello have enough good bits to make this worth a look for their fans, especially when Freddy sets up booby traps all over his room, and in the chase around the cavern near the end.

(Oh, and while my cheesesteak was yummy enough to want to eat at Crown Gyros again, I won't be ordering delivery. They called me at least twice to figure out where I lived...when I'm just a couple of streets down and clearly gave the guy the street name.) 

I moved on to making Cinnamon Raisin Bread while Tattletales was on. Pat Harrington and his wife Marjorie were today's big winners, over Juliet Prowse and her husband Jon McCook and long-time married couple Monty and Marilyn Hall. 

Switched to dusting as soon as I put the dough in my on the ledge in my bedroom to rise. Whammies flew all over the place on Press Your Luck, especially in the first round. The previous champ got hit with so many, he was knocked out almost instantly in the second round. The new champ picked up a trip and lots of cash, among other things.

Went into writing as soon as I finished dusting the apartment. Went back and edited a few things, then added Lee launching into six hundred questions, asking Richard about the robbery and how he and Gene stopped the bandits. Debralee just wants to know if he's taken.

Broke for dinner at 6:30. Had a quick strawberry-pineapple smoothie while watching Match Game '76. Charles' jokes about the lacy poncho Brett wore ended in the last few minutes with Charles spreading it over his desk and pretending it was a tablecloth and he and Brett were opening a restaurant. Comedian Alfie Wise and singer Jack Jones join Patty Duke, Debralee Scott and the regulars to figure out what you need to have to get into the unemployment offices in Beverly Hills and help Alfie figure out "Price ___" in the Head-to-Head in Match Game PM

Everyone did well on Sale of the Century. They all won something, but the other man got a 10 dollar Money Card on a Fame Game and jumped ahead in the Speed Round. He just missed the Bonus Round by one, though...

(Oh, and my Cinnamon Raisin Bread loaves came out beautifully, sweet and spicy and moist. I think yeast bread rises better in this apartment, probably because it's a little warmer in here.)

Finished the night online with Hart to Hart. "The Harts Strike Out" in the third season when a friend of Johnathan dies, leaving his wife and son penniless...except his massive and very valuable collection of baseball cards. After the cards are stolen, the Harts track them to a convention, then have to buy a few of their own to play "flip the card" and get the collection back. 

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