Saturday, April 24, 2021

It's a Warm Spring, Charlie Brown

Began a quick morning with breakfast and It's Arbor Day, Charlie Brown. Sally has to write a report on Arbor Day for school and decides that the best way to do it would be to plant a garden. She and the other Peanuts choose Chuck's baseball field to sow their seeds, to his least until it looks like their crops might help them win a game.

Rushed off to work shortly after the Peanuts ended. I wish I hadn't. Work wasn't fun. We were fairly quiet when I got in, but things picked up by noon and stayed busy until around 4. The weather was glorious, sunny, breezy, and much warmer. I just couldn't do anything right. I came in on time, but I was scolded for taking too long to put my bike in the back room, and later for being on break for a little too long. At least the customers were in somewhat better moods. People wanted to pick up food for barbecues and outdoor meals, and just to be out and about on a lovely day.

Thank heavens it slowed down enough by 4:30 for me to shut down with no relief. I had my own grocery shopping to do. Found another cheap salmon fillet and bowl of shrimp and a container of ground turkey with a manager's coupon. Spinbrushes were buy one, get one 50 percent off. My teeth have been sore; I thought trying an electric toothbrush again might help. The large three pound container of strawberries was on another $3.99 sale with an online coupon; picked up a loaf of angel food cake off the bakery clearance rack to go with them. Restocked oranges, yogurt, milk, cereal, whole wheat flour, batteries, bananas, and oatmeal.

My schedule next week is a vast improvement over the previous couple of weeks. The only day I work 8 1/2 hours is next Saturday, and that's because the head bagger went on vacation again. In fact, I'm bagging all week except for tomorrow. There's always plenty of bagging help around on weekends.  Otherwise, I'm mostly around in the morning and early afternoon. Monday and Thursday off.

Went straight home after I finished. Changed, then put everything away. Had the shrimp with a green salad and Honey White Bread with strawberry preserves for dinner while watching Sheriff Callie's Wild West on Disney Plus. Everyone in Nice and Friendly Corners love Farmer Stinky's prairie peppers so much, they anoint him "King Stinky" and will do anything to get them, including all his chores. Stinky's enjoying the attention, but Callie wonders why he hasn't produced the peppers yet. "Abigail's Big Story" is a made-up article she wrote about Vanilla Plains to have something exciting to put in the paper. Trouble is, Peck and Toby believe it. Sheriff Callie and Abigail rescue them from the dangerous plains as Abigail realizes what a little white lie can do.

Switched to Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood as I finished dinner. As someone who isn't good at most sports and is terrible at catching, I can very much relate to "Daniel Plays Ball." Daniel plays a ball game with Prince Tuesday, Prince Wednesday, and Miss Elaina, but he has a hard time catching the ball. The others encourage him to keep trying. "O Builds a Tower" of blocks that will be the tallest in the classroom...if he and Daniel can keep it from falling down! Teacher Harriet reminds them to keep trying and find new solutions.

The original Sailor Moon is on Hulu in its entirety, in English and Japanese. "Usagi's Panic: Rei's First Date" happens when she manages to wrangle an afternoon in the park with an amused Mamoru. Usagi grabs nerdy Umano in order to follow them. Meanwhile, Ami is more concerned about her friend, the park's caretaker who is devastated that it's to be destroyed for a new office building. She's really on the alert when animals attack first the developers, then her and her friends...and the girls realize what happens when you don't play nice with Mother Nature.

Finished the night online with the 2012 film version of The Lorax. I go further into this noisy expanded version of the Dr. Seuss environmental fable at my Musical Dreams Movie Reviews blog. 

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