Tuesday, April 20, 2021

Springtime In New Jersey

Began my day with breakfast and Springtime In the Rockies. I go further into this Canadian-set vehicle for Betty Grable and Carmen Miranda at my Musical Dreams Movie Reviews blog. 

Did a few chores around the house while I worked. Moved the children's picture book anthologies and fairy tale collections to the bottom of the kids' books shelves in the hall to make more room for my books on media history. Made the bed - the sheet was almost falling off. Grabbed a huge box off the porch - my TV arrived! I'd fiddle with it when I got back from doing the laundry.

It was such a lovely day, I might have done my load at the laundromat, even if Jodie wasn't home. The beautiful weather was reflected in the largely empty building. It did start to pick up a little later, enough for me to sit outside on the concrete barrier and enjoy the warm 70-degree day and fresh breezes as I worked on story notes.

Tried to get the TV set up when I got home, but it proved to be very different than my old set and a lot more complicated. First of all, I had to screw on the rather spindly little legs. It took me at least five tries to hook my Roku account up to the new TV...and then the darn thing spent most of the rest of my time there updating and adding new software. I also had to figure out where to put it. It's a 32 inch TCL, almost twice the size of my old 19-inch Sylvania. I quickly ate leftovers for lunch, threw on my work clothes, grabbed a banana for a snack, and dashed out.

Got incredibly lucky at work today. I'd been in the register for a half-hour when one of the college students came in for me. Seems they had no afternoon bagger today. They didn't even call out. They just didn't schedule anyone. I gleefully took over sweeping and pushing carts until the evening bagger arrived at 6, after which I turned the sweeping over to him and focused on pushing carts and enjoying that stunning weather for the last half-hour.

Returned to messing with the TV when I got home. First of all, none of my previous electronics come with an HDMI port - not the DVD player, not the Wii. I could probably get one for the cable box from Jodie, and Lauren told me there's HDMI cords you can buy for the Wii. I did replace the DVD player, though. I've had it for about four or five years, since the old DVD recorder died. It works just fine, but it's also not made for the new up-to-date smart TVs. The one I ordered is about the same size and is even region-free. I've always wanted to see British and European musicals like Jessie Matthews' 30's vehicles and German operettas of the pre-war era.

Thought I got the TV working, but it kept blinking in and out while I watched Match Game PM on Pluto TV. Turns out the reception is poor, no matter how much I turn the darn thing around. After resetting it twice, it finally started behaving during Sale of the Century. Good thing, too. This was an interesting game. The one guy kept jumping in with the wrong answer and couldn't get near the ladies. The champ easily won the Speed Round, but still had trouble with the Bonus Round. 

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