Monday, April 26, 2021

Tooth and Consequences

Began a late morning with breakfast and the second half of Blockbusters. I came in just as the solo woman was about to begin the Gold Run. She started shaky, but picked up quickly after getting her first right question and ended up winning another 5,000. They were just introducing a brother-sister team when they finished for the day.

Switched to the most recent Muppet Babies episode at Disney Now while cleaning up from breakfast. Fozzie and Kermit are thrilled to reopen their pizza parlor, this time with "Best Pals Pizza Delivery." Kermit keeps forgetting to deliver the pizzas when he gets too involved with helping Walter, the lead character of his favorite TV show Wacky Alpacas, with his own problems. It takes Walter's balloon breakdown to make Kermit realize he should be focusing on his own work. "Summer the Science Penguin" wants to find a way for Fozzie's macaroni to stick on his picture without glue. She feels like a failure when none of her experiments work out, but Nanny encourages her to keep trying.

Went to Disney Plus for an earlier Muppet Babies episode. Having had many a bad day myself, I could certainly relate to Summer's "Upside-Down Day." She's disappointed after having trouble all morning. Gonzo tries to cheer her up by making the nursery, then the entire backyard turn over. Turns out that the real cure for her "Bad-Day-Itis" isn't as complicated as the kids think. It's "Tooth and Consequences" for Animal when he claims he hasn't gotten a present from the Tooth Fairy. The other kids take him to the Tooth Fairy's castle to find out what's going on.

After I finished the dishes, I called the dentist. I've had a broken tooth for years now. It didn't hurt until about two weeks ago. I put off calling them first because of my finances, then everything that came up last year. Now that I have money and my hours at work are slightly better, I really don't have an excuse anymore. To my surprise, they had a slot open later in the afternoon. I took it. Better to get it done sooner than later, and it's been a while since I've been to Target.

But first, I really needed to get my laundry done. At least it was a gorgeous day for a ride. Sunny, windy, cool but not unusually chilly for late April, probably in the upper 50's-lower 60's. I wasn't the only one taking advantage of the nice weather, either. The laundromat was busier than I've seen it in a long time. I barely managed to get a washer and dryer. 

Saw a man sitting behind a card table covered in plastic-wrapped soft pretzels on my way there, about a block from the laundromat. Today was Pretzel Day, and in honor of the day and the new pretzel store his family's opening in late June or early July, he was giving out freebees. Yum! The pretzel was warm, salty, and so soft, it practically melted in my mouth. Good price, too, from what I could see on the flyer he handed me. I may have to treat myself to a pretzel every now and then once they open. Worked on story notes while the laundry was in the dryer. 

As soon as I got home, I put the laundry away, then had a fast banana-strawberry smoothie lunch. Decided to try something different on Disney Plus while I worked. I'm surprised I don't remember the 1985 animated series Ewoks. Apparently, this prequel to Return of the Jedi and the Ewoks TV movies focus on the diminutive bear-like warrior clan and their lives before humans invaded their world. 

Started with the first episode, "The Cries of the Trees." Poor Wicket is always getting into trouble with his aunt, especially after older Peebo encourages him and his brother Willy to play a game that's supposed to be for the elders. The witch Morag wants the Ewoks out of their woods, which are dry from lack of rain. She forces the Queen of the Wispies - fire fairies - to burn their forest down. Wicket and his friends are the ones who come up with a creative way of saving their homes.

Ran a few quick Ewoks-focused shorts from the online Forces of Destiny female-based series. Leia helps two of her new friends make a quick "Ewok Escape" during Return of the Jedi, and we see how she got the tan dress she appeared in at their village later. The Ewoks want a nibble of stormtrooper at "The Imperial Feast." Leia knows it's not nice to eat people and sends Han to get rations from Hera of Rebels. She'll give them to him...for a price. She's the one dealing with Ewoks when they sneak aboard the Ghost with Chopper. But "Chopper and Friends" more than prove their worth dealing with TIE Fighters over Endor.

Hurried out as soon as the last short ended. The traffic was just starting to pick up on Cuthbert, but I managed to get across with little fuss. Noticed a nifty new mural on the side of Genova's Pizza as I passed. Someone did a colorful panting of junk food - pizza slices, milkshakes, fries - on a black background. I might have to make a closer inspection of it when I have more time.

Got to the dentist's office at the Westmont Plaza with just enough time to sign in. They were busy, but it thankfully didn't take long for them to call me over. Talked to the cheerful lady who cleaned my teeth first. According to her, they were really built-up, thanks to my having put this off for three years. 

After I finished with her, an equally sweet young technician took many x-rays of my mouth. The more dour doctor took a look after that. His conclusion is what I'd feared. The broken tooth not only will have to go, but I'll need another root canal. May need one in a tooth on my lower left side, too. A broken wisdom tooth doesn't hurt, but it obviously needs to come out as well. He also mentioned my gum disease is advancing. I was supposed to have seen a gum specialist in 2018, but I canceled because my dental insurance doesn't cover it, and I didn't have the money then. I made the appointment. I have it now. 

Made a quick stop at an equally busy Target on the way home. They had a really cute pack of striped cotton crew socks for $7. Looked at their purses, but they all seemed a bit to cheap for me. Grabbed unbleached flour and oatmeal, both of which cost a lot less there then at the Acme.

As soon as I got home, I took my recycling out to the curb, then rescued some of the boxes Jodie brought out there. The largest ones were too big to keep in my apartment, but if I'm going to move anytime soon, I'll need something to move my things in. 

Worked on writing for a while. Allen Ludden and Ira Skutch, the representative of the railroad, are arguing over the town's problems when Gene and Richard arrive. Allen protests that his boss, Mark Goodson, is not only buying up too much usable land, he's not stopping his friend Governor Todman from increasing taxes. Ira's complaining he doesn't have anything to do with that when they arrive.

Broke for leftovers at 6:30. Jon "Bowser" Bauman starts off Match Game '79 with his own poem about his experience on the show. The others tease Gene about his wearing blue socks with brown suit, while Bob jokes about him and Gene being "sex symbols" and ogles Brianne Leary in her cap and newsgirl outfit.

Fred Grandy returned for Match Game PM, along with Eva Gabor, Gary Burghoff, and Marcia Wallace. They almost lost Gary when he walked off after his answer of "cheesecake" as to what a delicatessen owner would cover the doorknobs with was booed. Eva had her own problems after she answered "__ and Proper" for a delighted Air Force officer...who accidentally kicked her foot and took off her toenail! (Brett and Marcia later revealed she took the injury well and was a real sport about it.)

Sale of the Century was dominated by the one male contestant. He took the lead early, won a Fame Game, and bought the second Instant Bargain. Won the Speed Round by a wide mile and got the Bonus Round money at the last second.

Finished the night at Shout Factory TV with the Mystery Science Theater 3000 episode Final Justice. I was hoping this later Mike episode would have them making fun a western, but it was actually about Texas sheriff (Jon Don Baker) who chases an Italian mobster (Rossano Brazzi) across Malta after they're diverted to the island nation. A local police detective (Helena Dalli) joins him as he ignores orders to return to Texas and tracks down the men who killed his partner.

I honestly found this to be entertainingly cheesy, with or without the robots' wisecracks about Baker's weight and good-ol'-boy wardrobe and the bad dialogue. I wouldn't be surprised if my stepfather rented it when it came out in 1985. It's the kind of thing that was right up his alley - cheesy action with lots of blood, gunplay, violence, and a big man out for justice. Recommended if you're like Dad and love campy action, too. 

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