Wednesday, April 21, 2021

Wind Storm

Got a quick start this morning with breakfast and Jem on Tubi. It's a "Culture Clash" when the Holograms' agent hires an eccentric creator of wacky modern sculptures to be the art director on their new video. The Holograms don't think much of his creations or his avant-garde ideas, especially when they get in the way of their performing. For once, it's the Misfits who cause trouble when they find out that the owner of the art gallery who sells his sculptures is using them for criminal activity. The Misfits' manager Eric Raymond inadvertently helps Jem and the artist prove their innocence - he's a genuine fan of the man's work. 

Headed off to work shortly after the cartoon ended. It was sunny and relatively warm when I rode to the Acme this morning, and it remained so...until around 1:30. Clouds built up on the horizon, and the wind picked up from a gentle breeze to a howling, thrashing gale that send carts and flower petals spinning everywhere. I hurried all over the parking lot, gathering as many carts as I could before the storm began. 

The storm never came. Customers reported a shower for about 10 minutes around 2:30-3, when I was on break and sweeping the store. Other than that, it remained gale-force windy and cold for the rest of the day. No thunder, no lightning, no more rain. It got cloudy, but that never resulted in anything more than it being a little darker than usual around dinner. 

Hurried straight home after work, hoping to beat the weather. When I got in, I changed and turned on my new TV. Added it to the accounts for most of the apps I stream regularly, including Disney Plus, Hulu, Amazon Video, YouTube, and Peacock. I'll get the cable-based apps moving when I have more time on Friday.

Did a little bit of writing next. Richard admires the well-appointed City Hall. Gene admits that, though the town's doing relatively well, it's mostly due to the man who owns half the businesses in town, Mark Goodson the railroad magnate. His representative, Ira Scutch, is with Mayor Allen Ludden as they speak.

Broke for dinner at 6:30. Got a surprise when I opened the refrigerator and saw a plate covered in foil. Turns out Jodie left me a tasty dinner of chicken and rice in (likely jarred) gravy and steamed asparagus. 

Ate while watching Match Game '79. This took place later in the week of the infamous excited contestant who attacked Gene. By this point, she'd been defeated by players who were a lot calmer. Meanwhile, the panel has fun with figuring out what an Eskimo cheerleader likes to rub and the answer to "__ Tender" in the Audience Match.  

Made Chocolate Chip Muffins while Match Game PM was on. As goofy as he can be, Jon "Bowser" Bauman can occasionally be a pretty decent player, as he is here and on Match Game-Hollywood Squares Hour. He's the one who has to help a contestant get 10,000 on "Benjamin __." 

Slid the muffins in the oven towards the end of Sale of the Century. The champ and the one guy started out pretty close, but she jumped ahead towards the middle of the show, even after buying an Instant Bargain. She won the Speed Round by a wide margin, but continues to have trouble with the Bonus Round.

Tested Disney Plus with an earlier episode of Muppet Babies. Gonzo is so into winning, he creates "The Great Gonzo's Desert Grand Prix" so he can compete with the others. The race isn't as much fun when he uses Mario Kart-style obstacles to ensure he wins. Statler and Waldorf, who were acting as commentators and referees, remind him that it's more important to enjoy a race with your friends than to win. Animal becomes "Animal Kong" when he can't get his drumsticks during quiet time and gets so angry, he grows to ten times his size. The others do everything they can to calm him down.

Finished the night online after a shower with Charlie's Angels. "Angel Flight" lets Kelly and Kris fly the not-so-friendly skies as they investigate who's sending black roses and making threatening phone calls to a friend of Sabrina's. She runs a school to train stewardesses...but someone is determined to spook her into obeying them. After one of the stewardesses is killed, Sabrina's friend is a lot less willing to discuss the matter. Now Kelly and Kris need to figure out who's making those phone calls, before the experimental plane they're taking their test run in has a very bumpy flight. 

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