Saturday, January 14, 2023

A Rather Blustery Day

Got a quick start today with breakfast and hurrying out the door to work. Brr! Blustery winds made it the coldest it's been here since Christmas Day. It also made it hard to ride to work. I got in just on time.

Work didn't start out badly. I spent most of the first hour returning items. It picked up around 11:30 and stayed busy off and on through the rest of the day. They kept sending me in for breaks, then stuck me in a register. I did have a few annoying customers, but not on the line of earlier in the week. Even the one family who got mixed up with the buy two, get two 12 packs of soda sale just put one back and got the right brand. I did get flustered several times, especially early-on. I know I shouldn't, but it's so frustrating to cause trouble when you've been there for so long and should know better.

I got my schedule online yesterday, but confirmed it today. While I have fewer hours, that's not an entirely bad thing after the way people acted this week! I'll take the hit on hours to be able to sleep in and call PNC and Abilities Solutions and catch up with them. The longest I work is seven hours on Sunday; the earliest is 11 AM on Saturday. Monday and Tuesday off, the latter for a dentist appointment and counseling.

Picked up a few things after work, mainly to take advantage of sales. I had a free online coupon for two Greek yogurts. Had a coupon for $.50 off two Nature's Valley granola bars and Special K crisps, and they were already on sale. Grabbed Cara Cara oranges to try.

Went straight home after that for dinner and Match Game PM. One of the funniest episodes of the entire nighttime series made its debut on Buzzr tonight. Goofy Avery Schriber and future Dynasty villainess Joan Collins joined the regulars for this rare episode. Gene is once again reminded that you never bet against Richard on the Audience Match when he questions his answer for "Burns and __." 

The second show re-ran the first episode of the syndicated series. They kicked off with hilarious gags right from the get-go. After Charles criticizes the camerapeople's work, they focus on the top of his head or to the side of him...anywhere but on him!

Finished the night online with Soul Power. I go further into this 1974 concert documentary featuring the Spinners, James Brown, and B.B King, among others, at my Musical Dreams Movie Reviews blog.

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