Friday, January 20, 2023

Fantasy Stars

Started off the day with breakfast and Doc McStuffins. The Wicked King meets his match in snobbish Queen Amina, who is just as nasty and stubborn as him. When "The Wicked King and the Mean Queen" refuse to share their royal ball, Doc holds a scavenger hunt to see who gets the privilege. The Wicked King may be a jerk, but he also knows when to be a good sport, and risks losing to help Amina after she gets hurt. Alma's baby doll Tiny Tessie loves her comfy stroller so much, she never leaves it. She'll have to learn to "Take a Stroll" and stretch her legs if she wants to compete with the others in an obstacle course.

Worked on writing for a little while after breakfast. Debralee is surprised to find a castle made of gingerbread and candy that's somehow still standing in a snowstorm. She's even more surprised to see that Gene's known in the area when they land...and not everyone's thrilled with him being back...

Broke for lunch and Match Game '75 at 12:30. Mary Ann Mobley recalls the old Phillip Morris yelling bellhop radio commercials from the 30's and 40's with  her answer to "Call for __" in the Audience Match. She also has the habit of taking way too long with her answers, making Gene fall asleep and Richard give her strange looks.

Hurried out to work as Tattletales began. Work was supremely boring for most of the night. There's just not a lot going on, other than the Eagles playing the Giants tomorrow. And when it wasn't boring, it was annoying. A lot of people are in plain bad moods, and there was another Instacart order that didn't work. And I had to shut down in the express line with no relief. Got out just on time. 

My schedule next week is barely a schedule. We've been so dead, I have four days off, three in a row, and barely any hours when I do work. Good thing I heard from Karen at Abilities Solutions. We're going to meet at the Collingswood Library to discuss my employment options on Wednesday.

I did need to pick up a few things after work. Bags of oranges, containers of those "cotton candy" grapes, and Fiber One granola bars were all on sale with digital coupons. Grabbed more sugar-free wafers on sale, too. 

Went straight home and into dinner after I finished. Watched Match Game Syndicated while I ate. Buzzr just moved into one of the single funniest weeks of the entire Match Game 70's-80's run. Joyce Bulifant spends the week sporting weird wigs in an attempt to distance herself from the other goofy blonde on the show with a similar name, Elaine Joyce. I caught the infamous episode where the very sweet contestant Ginger gives an amazing strange answer to "what a jock centipede wears, 99 sneakers and a __." Let's just say she didn't give the answer you'd anywhere near expect. 

Finished the night online, starting with Cinderella and the Secret Prince at Tubi. This version of the fairy tale starts out fairly normal, with Cinderella (Casssandra Lee Morris) attending the ball thanks to the feisty fairy godmother's apprentice Crystal (Kirsten Day). Things go off the rails at the ball, where the Prince (Stephan Mendel) turns out to be a stuck-up jerk. The real Prince Alex (Chris Niosi) was turned into a mouse by an evil sorceress (Wendee Lee) who wants to take over the kingdom. Cinderella, Crystal, Alex, and their two mouse friends go into the dark forest to find the ring that'll change Alex back, then return him to his rightful throne.

Oh, how I wanted to like this! The premise is a genuinely interesting twist on Cinderella, and until the end, I actually like what the movie does with it. But the actors are stiff, the dialogue is dull and cliche, and the cheap CGI animation is dreadful. Prince Alex is annoyingly indecisive. Even though the whole story revolves around him being changed to a human, he keeps holding back and hemming and hawing about doing it. And there's a surprisingly depressing ending for a Cinderella story, too. As one character points out, it really means almost the entire movie was pointless. I'm afraid unless you or your child are huge fans of Cinderella or princess stories, this is one ball I'd dance on by.

Finished the night on Buzzr with the last of their Lost & Found marathon. To Tell the Truth saw its second syndicated revival in 1980. This time, it lasted less than a year, and while it does apparently exist in full, it doesn't turn up often. The first two segments, with people guessing which former Dallas Cowboys cheerleader was also a rodeo clown and which man had escaped a sinking two-man submarine, are identical to earlier versions of the show. The difference is in the third segment. They bring back the four people who weren't the contestant in question earlier and asks the panel to figure out which of them were more likely to have done a certain thing, in this case spend a record-breaking amount of time in a tub of something. Robin Ward is the amiable host here.

The remaining three episodes were all failed pilots. Star Words was one of three shows considered to replace Child's Play on CBS' schedule in 1983. Nipsey Russell hosts this variation on Match Game. Here, Charles Nelson Reilly and Patty Duke choose two words from a board and try to figure out what the contestants will say that will put them together. Truth be told, while it had it's good moments, the game play went on for too long, and the bonus round that had Nipsey throwing out answers and them trying to guess which words went with it, was dull. CBS did the right thing by going with Press Your Luck instead.

On a Roll came from 1986, when game shows were peaking on daytime TV. This complicated cross between High Rollers, Password Plus, and Wheel of Fortune had people rolling dice in order to guess three rows of clues to the identity of a famous person. If you rolled doubles, you lose your turn. The Lucky Seven bonus round has the winner guessing seven words or phrases linked by a theme.  Uh, yeah, I can see right away why this one didn't make the cut. It's way too convoluted, with too many rules to figure out, and the dice and word games don't really work as a whole. 

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