Thursday, January 26, 2023

Up, Up, and Away!

Tried to start my morning with breakfast and Doc McStuffins, but the Disney Plus on my TV would go two minutes into the episode and reset. After it did it three times, I gave up and moved onto Buzzr for Match Game '75. William "Captain Kirk" Shatner and Broadway star Julie Harris help give some unique answers to "__ Nails" in the Audience Match.

For some reason, Buzzr wasn't working terribly well, either. They got the episodes switched. The next episode introduced the young man seen during the first half of the previous one. He claimed to be a missionary for the Mormons who wanted to strengthen "family unity," despite not having children himself. Richard Dawson really called him on that one.

Headed out even before the second episode ended. Though it remained windy, it was otherwise sunny and relatively warm for this time of year, in the mid-upper 40's. I took the longer way across Newton Lake Park, dodging a few other people going for strolls on the lovely day. It's certainly winter now, with trees bare and grass a crackly butter yellow. 

Headed across Cuthbert to the Westmont Acme to do this week's grocery shopping. I mainly wanted to restock granola bars. They were having a 4 for $1.99 each sale on Nature's Valley. I like their Fruit and Nut bars - they're less sweet and sugary than most of their products. Those yummy jam grapes were still on sale for $3.99 too, as were the Voortman's sugar-free wafers. The Acme's generic disinfectant wipes were buy one, get one. Had a coupon for a free Dannon Fit & Light yogurt. They were on sale too, so I bought two more. Treated myself to a container of red velvet-chocolate chunk cookies on the bakery clearance racks.

Went straight home after that for lunch and Iceland. I go further into this romantic wartime ice skating comedy from 1942 featuring John Payne as a Marine whose flirtation with Sonja Henie gets them both into a lot of trouble at my Musical Dreams Movie Reviews blog.

Took a look at What Color Is Your Parachute? I took it out because I've begun to realize how little I really know about myself. I'm not sure what my skills are, what I value, or how to make the weird stuff I enjoy turn into a job for me. This didn't really help me much. The charts and graphics are way too complicated and confusing. All I know is I want a job that requires real skills that I'll actually want to do. 

Went online to look up jobs after an hour,'s hard not to be discouraged. There has to be something I can do that people will hire me for. I wish I could find something truly entry level. I keep seeing "entry level" and finding "but we need three years of experience at this and two years at that, and you need to know Microsoft Office and all these programs." And I don't know how to explain to the writing jobs that I have no real portfolio to speak of, just three blogs and a bunch of articles and fanfics to my name.

Switched to working on said fanfics around 5:30. Having stalled on the Nutcracker Story (and it being way past Christmas), I decided to give the Match Game superhero fanfic I started last year another shot. I just like that opening with Richard as the Batman-esque "Ace" too much. Richard just came to Goodson Network looking for a job at their morning show...but he's really the Shadow-like "Ace" looking for the mysterious Master Magician. He has his suspicions that restaurant critic Brett Somers and theater critic Charles Nelson Reilly are also a lot more than they seem...

Broke for dinner at 7. Ate while watching Match Game Syndicated. In the first episode, Charles was so sure his answer of "Cold" for "__ Shoulder" on the Audience Match would be on top, he strutted up to the Star Wheel to take a bow! (And he was wrong, as it turned out.) The second started with everyone teasing Gene about his dull brownish jacket that didn't really go well with a bright green tie. While Charles teases Brett about her age (and what comes with it), Debralee Scott did her old cheerleading routine in answer to who got hurt during a football game at a really tough school.

Finished the night online with Mystery Science Theater 3000. Pumaman was a fairly typical 1980 Italian-American superhero film. Paleontologist Tony Farms (Walter George Alton) discovers he's Pumaman, the ancestor of a race of aliens revered by the Aztecs. He's mentored in his abilities by the Mexican strongman Vadinho (Miguel Angel Fuentes), who teaches him how to fly and be aware of danger. Good thing, since he's pursued by the evil Kobras (Donald Pleasance), who has stolen the aliens' gold mask that lets him control anyone. He wants to use it to control the minds of world leaders, starting with the daughter of the Dutch ambassador Jane Dobson (Sydne Rome). Now Tony has to figure out how to use his powers and reverse the magic on that mask, before it's too late.

Hoo boy, is this one cheesy! It's a good example of a low-budget sci-fi imitation from this era, with an unintentionally hilarious script and truly ridiculous special effects. There are some interesting ideas, and Pleasance is as much fun as ever as the bad guy, but most of this is only for those who love snarking along with bad movies as much as Mike and the robots do. 

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