Tuesday, January 03, 2023

Rainy Winter

Began the morning with breakfast, then with writing. Gene leads Debralee and the Nutcracker towards the hole in the wall where the Mouse King and his followers disappeared. Gene mentions that the Snow Queen should be able to help them find out what happened to the Sugar Plum Fairy, her cavalier, and Princess Marie. Debralee's quick to point out that there's no snow in Burbank...but then, it starts to feel colder in the hole...

It poured when I woke up this morning. While the rain wasn't quite so bad by quarter of noon, I still didn't want to be out in it. Called Uber for a ride to work. I got incredibly lucky. Took me less than a minute to find drivers, and less than three minutes for both day and night drivers to arrive. No problems getting there either way.

The weather must have scared off our customers. We were pretty dead for most of the afternoon. I did go in for someone's break when I arrived, but I mainly shelved unwanted items from 1 PM until almost 4:30. They only pulled me to go in for the lady in express so she could go home. By that point, we were so short on help, people with huge orders kept pulling into my line, even when I tried to tell them not to. Many of them weren't in the best moods, too, I guess because of the weather. 

Picked up a few things before and after work. Got brownie cookies and those fudge-topped shortbread rounds I like. The Special K fruit-filled pastry bars are buy 2, get them for $2.50 each. Grabbed red velvet muffins for lunch at work this week. 

Went straight into dinner and Match Game '78 when I got home. Gene's microphone now sports a lightning bolt in reference to the trouble he had with it the day before. The contestants has even more trouble with the Head-to-Heads "Herbert __" and "__ Trial." 

Finished the night with the Sonja Henie vehicle Thin Ice. I go further into her second major Hollywood film at my Musical Dreams Movie Reviews blog.

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