Wednesday, January 04, 2023

I Can Dream, Can't I?

Began a gloomy day with brunch and Match Game '76. This was the hilarious week featuring Isobel Sanford of The Jeffersons and songwriter Marvin Hamlisch. Hamisch and Charles wrote a song for the sweet contestant in the first episode. She's delighted when she comes up with the answer to "__ Bend" in the Audience Match all on her own. In the second, the guys write a song for Brett in the end.

Spent the next few hours listening to my Andrews Sisters double LP and my Jo Anne Castle ragtime piano record and putting away the remaining Christmas decorations. The holiday-only stuffed animals and their clothes now go in the huge felt Santa bag instead of a container, freeing up a container for other things. It took me two and a half hours. It's not that the tree is super-wide or tall. I just have so many ornaments, they take a while to put away. I also moved a thick, heavy side table from one side of the room to the other side next to the entertainment center.

Karen from Abilities Solutions called as I finished up the tree. She hadn't gotten back to me because first they shut down for Christmas, then she went on vacation. That was fine. I assumed they were closed for the holidays and busy before that. She suggested a receptionist job at a medical firm. I'm not sure I can handle a receptionist job. I really am not comfortable talking on the phone. 

In fact, I wish I knew what I could really do. All I know is I can write, read, edit, and organize things. That's it. Those are my skills. Thing is, I also know I'm better than the Acme job. I've worked there for 20 years, and I'm not being paid anywhere near what I should be with my experience. The pension plan that Mom touts is pitiful, too. It's not enough to live on, no matter what she thinks. And I just plain hate the job. I've always hated it. It's boring, I don't deal with people well, I don't fit in with my coworkers, and I am never, ever going to advance in it or do anything else. 

By that point, I was hungry and tired of hanging out inside. After I got everything into the smaller closet, I grabbed an umbrella, my raincoat, and a bag of clothes to donate and went for a walk. It showered lightly as I emerged, but the rain slowed down as I headed to Dollar General. By the time I dropped my clothes in the bin behind the store, the rain ended. It's remained cloudy and damp for the rest of the day, but to my knowledge, the rain hasn't come back. 

Hadn't had pizza for a while, so I went to Capitol a few blocks down for lunch. Since it was advertised out front, I went with two slices of cheese and a bottle of soda, in this case diet Coke. Ate them in silence while ignoring the news and two college girls waiting for their sandwiches.

Looked up jobs when I arrived at home, but all I got was discouraged. All the data entry and writing jobs I saw at LinkedIn and Indeed required far more experience and knowledge than I have. They want people who have been writing and editing and doing data entry for years. I see all the skills and experience companies want listed, and I panic. How can I compete with people who have done non-retail jobs and have real experience and skills? 

Tried to cheer myself up with writing. Debralee gets a major surprise when the mouse hole becomes colder and icier the further she goes. She appreciates the Nutcracker helping her along, and despite his being made of wood, even thinks he's kind of cute.

I was very depressed when I broke to dust the front room. Watched Match Game '74 while I worked. Character actor Richard Long and Jo Ann Pflug, along with giggly Kaye Stevens, joins in here. For some reason, they all make fun of Richard Dawson's answer of It's a Wonderful Life for "It's a __" in the Audience Match. The movie was only just becoming better-known at that point. 

Let Match Game '78 continue after dinner. Jo Ann Pflug sticks around; this time, Gary Burghoff and Fannie Flagg join them. We get some amusing answers to "Not for __" in the Audience Match in the first episode. A contestant is a little embarrassed about a certain answer of hers in the second, but the panelists sure aren't. 


Linda said...

Emma, I would think a phone receptionist job would be easier for you. You're not face to face with people, and a receptionist usually has a "script" to follow, so you would have crib notes when different situations arise. I've also heard you can keep a mirror on your desk and you can look into it to remind you to smile. Usually we smile more when we look at our reflections.

Just Jenny said...

Maybe check to see if there are any companies that have switched to a mainly work at home system due to Covid. I work as a care manager for individuals with disabilities and most of my discussions with people are on the phone or held via Teams or Zoom. And there is plenty of writing and documentation! Good luck!🍀