Saturday, January 07, 2023

Winds of Winter

I overslept, which meant I took longer to do my morning reading than I thought. Barely had time to grab breakfast and run out. At least the weather wasn't bad. It was cloudy and windy, but no colder than it should have been at this time of year, probably in the mid-40's again. The sun finally emerged later in the afternoon.

We weren't busy when I came in or when I finished, but we got off-and-on steady in between. It wasn't bad earlier in the day when we had more help, but then everyone started going home. Not only that, but we're severely short on help to begin with. Two college-age managers just got better jobs and left. One manager will be taking six months off for important surgery; the assistant floral manager had a family emergency and had to take leave. At least four people are on vacation in the upcoming week. 

I actually got my schedule yesterday. It's not bad. A lot more than it was before December, probably due to all those people being out. More seven and 8 1/2 hour days, but two days off, Monday and Friday. 

Oh, and I picked up some groceries. Mainly needed muffins for lunch at work. Found a really pretty notebook decorated with glitter half-price on the clearance shelves. 

Hurried home soon as I finished and went upstairs with my dinner. Watched Match Game PM while I ate. The second episode of the nighttime series kicks off with jokes about how big sportscaster Howard Cosell's mouth is. (The jokes about him on this show make me wish I actually remembered him. He'd largely retired by the time I was old enough to be watching football.) We also get some odd answers to "__ Stock" in the Audience Match, and enough time for a chat with Lee Merriweather, Clifton Davis, and Betty White in the end.

Finished my night on YouTube with Everything's On Ice. I go further into this rare programmer about a seven-year-old figure skating protege and the uncle who exploits her talent at my Musical Dreams Movie Reviews blog. 

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