Thursday, January 05, 2023

Matches and Magic

Got a quick start this morning with breakfast, then dusting my rooms. Watched Wintertime as I ate and worked. I go further into Sonja Henie's final 20th Century Fox vehicle at my Musical Dreams Movie Reviews blog. 

Put up the remaining winter decorations next. Most of them went up with the Christmas things. I already have a very nice bronze Christmas bell to hang on the door. There wasn't room for the sweet little wren-shaped bell, or the two big folksy snowmen. One is a snow angel with vine arms and a wreath, the other has wooden sewing spool legs and arms. They're joined by a little stuffed snow bear. Found my snowman candy dish, too. Moved the hanging snowmen I bought from Ocassionette and the pretty pink, white, and green beaded wreath I found at a thrift shop to the doors. 

Hurried out soon as I finished. It was just gray and warm on my way to work, but it was enough to keep the customers at bay. We were once again quiet until rush hour, when it picked up considerably. I had trouble with a few customers, including two who couldn't figure out the new cards that older people and some families use to buy necessities. Apparently, they really don't work well with the food stamp cards, and they wanted to use both. A manager ended up taking them. At least they did have a relief for me at 6.

Once again, I emerged to a wet world, though not to the degree of last time. It showered slightly as I rode home, but that ended well before I got in, and it didn't look like it was heavy earlier. The really heavy rain didn't arrive until around 8 or 9, but it's long gone now.

Had dinner while watching Match Game '74. Gene starts off discussing his career dancing on Broadway as a replacement for Dick Van Dyke in Bye Bye Birdie. (Charles replaced Paul Lynde in that show, which is how he and Gene knew each other.) While Nipsey Russell gets some of the funniest lines ("I think we should all go to the nut house and surrender,"), the others have a good laugh at "Tiger __" in the Audience Match. The new champ had trouble with a question involving tigers the episode before. 

Buzzr started running the 1979-1982 syndicated Match Game episodes during the 7 PM hour tonight. Indeed, they began with the initial two episodes from fall 1979, with Brett, Charles, Bart Braverman, Bill Daily, Eva Gabor, and Fannie Flagg as the first syndicated panel. Here, the same two contestants play two rounds, rather than ongoing contestants. Each contestant gets two chances to win. The Star Wheel is carried over from the later seasons, as are the doubled stakes...and the audiences who frequently get really wild. 

I'm so glad they finally got around to these. I've seen most of the ones currently existing on YouTube, and many of them, especially from the early 80's, are as funny as anything that turned up on CBS. Indeed, the first episode is highlighted by Charles criticizing the camerapeople, only for them to film the top of his head...anywhere but him! He makes fun of Brett's cheap jewelry in the second episode, while Eva tosses in a mention of the Arnold the Pig from Green Acres

Finished the night online after a shower with some quick Mickey Mouse Clubhouse at Disney Plus. "Goofy the Great" wants to put on a magic show, but he can never remember the right words. Everyone has to help Goofy remember and fix his tricks when they don't come out right. 

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