Tuesday, January 24, 2023

It's a Sunny Winter, Charlie Brown

Started off this morning with breakfast and Charlie & Lola. "I've Got Nobody to Play With," Lola laments. Charlie's over his best friend Marv's house, Lotta has a cold, and everyone else is busy. Lola finally creates a whole world of felt sticker forests and pillow tents with her imaginary friend Soren Lorenson.

Worked on some things for my appointment tomorrow. I tried to print out a list of questions I have for Karen, but it didn't come out very legible. A list of jobs I wouldn't mind having was even less-so. I finally replaced the colored ink, but that didn't seem to do much. I ended up just ordering more ink of all colors off Amazon.

Switched to My Lucky Star while I worked. I go further into this college-themed vehicle for Sonja Henie at my Musical Dreams Move Reviews blog. 

Broke at 1 for lunch. Put on She's a Good Skate, Charlie Brown as I ate. Peppermint Patty gets up early to practice for a big skating show. Snoopy's her demanding coach. Patty thinks Marcie will make her costume, but she ignores her best friend's protests that she can't sew. Snoopy ends up doing that, too. He has less luck handling her music at the competition. Good thing Woodstock comes through with his own bird whistle!

Returned to Charlie & Lola briefly as I got ready for work. "Charlie Is Broken" Lola wails when her brother breaks his arm while playing soccer with Marv. He's disappointed he won't be able to juggle for the circus act they're creating for their grandparents, but Lola's determined to find a way for him to join in.

Headed out to work soon as Charlie & Lola ended. It wasn't busy at all when I came in. The weather was too nice, sunny, bright, and in the upper 40's. It picked up later in the night as people got off work...which wasn't a good thing. We're short on help, thanks to those cut hours, which made for long lines. And of course, I ended up in the express line again. Thankfully, the lady in charge of the self-checkout line came in so I could get out on time. 

Went straight home after that and into dinner and Match Game Syndicated. The panel finished out a wild week with Joyce in a light brown wig that made her look rather like Mary Tyler Moore (which was commented on several times). Bill freaks out at a noisy audience several times, while Elaine waves to them when she switches positions with Gene. Robert Walden has far more luck with "__ Cooker" in the Head-to-Head than he did with Ginger.

I don't know why they skipped the next two episodes. We picked up mid-way through the next week with Dick Martin, Loretta Swit, Nancy Lane, and in his last appearance on the show, Nipsey Russell. Nipsey was very interested in a lovely and funny lady who admitted she was a construction worker. In her honor, everyone wore hard hats, and they even gave her one of theirs. 

Finished out the night with an old favorite that's currently free at YouTube, Adventures In Babysitting. Chris Parker (Elisabeth Shue) is looking forward to what she thinks will be the best night of her life...until her boyfriend Mike (Bradley Whitfield) cancels their big date, claiming his sister is sick. Desperate to get out of the house, she ends up babysitting for Marvel fanatic Sarah (Maia Brewton), love-besotted Brad (Keith Coogan), and his annoying and hormonal best friend Daryl (Anthony Rapp). 

Her best friend Brenda (Sarah Jessica Parker) calls from a bus station in Chicago and frantically begs Chris to drive her back after an aborted attempt at running away. Chris has no choice but to bring her charges along for the ride. It turns into more of a nightmare when first her car breaks down, then they end up in a stolen car, then they have to get enough money to pay off fixing the tires on Chris' car. There's also the gangsters who stole the car and want information the kids inadvertently took, and the fact that Mike wasn't exactly telling the truth about why he called off their date to begin with...

The girls and I loved this one when we were kids. We actually had the video when it came out. All four kids are absolutely hilarious, especially Brewton and her obsessive love of Thor. By far the most famous sequence - and my favorite - is the performance of "Babysitting Blues" in the blues club. The kids look like they had a ball with that, and even Shue would years later call it one of her favorite experiences making a movie. While I'm not sure I'd recommend it for kids Sarah's age today, due to violence and some bad language, it's still a hoot for teens Brad and Daryl's age on up. 

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