Thursday, January 19, 2023

Rainy Day at Home

While I didn't feel quite as bad as I did yesterday when I got up this morning, I still didn't feel great, either, including a really sore throat. After nearly a half-hour of debate, I finally called out again. Better give myself one more day to rest and not spread germs.

This time, I slept until almost 12:30. Stayed in bed and read and wrote in my journal until nearly 2. When I did get up, I had brunch while watching the 1946 musical mystery Murder at the Music Hall. I go further into this vehicle for Czech figure skater Vera Hruba Ralston at my Musical Dreams Movie Reviews blog. 

Went online to work on writing after the movie ended. As the sleigh glides through the air, Debralee wonders why the Nutcracker is so devoted to the Princess. He thinks she's the most wonderful girl ever...or at least, he did. As he gazes as her, he wonders if there might not be someone else. Gene's more interested in reminding them that they're about to land at the Gingerbread Castle.

Ran Beat the Clock as I worked. The one Buzzr showed for their Lost & Found marathon is the 1969 - 1974 series mainly shot in Canada. Announcer Gene Wood took over hosting by 1972...and he honestly did a good job, leading couples through wacky stunts ranging from catching Frisbees with limbo sticks to popping balloons with cymbals tied to a couple's hips. This series also included a guest star celebrity who would do stunts with the couples, then do one on their own to win the couples extra money. Singer Gisele McKenzie of Your Hit Parade helped the couples out in these episodes. 

(Buzzr also ran commercials for their next marathon during the later episodes and Match Game. Apparently, next Friday, we'll have a salute to crazy hair and wacky wigs that'll include Match Game Syndicated and episodes of Body Language featuring two celebrities who know a little about strange hairstyles, Richard Simmons and Phyllis Diller.)

Broke for dinner at 7 PM. Watched Match Game Syndicated as I ate. They open the first episode with seeing if Dear Abby's purse matches her lavender ensemble. Bill Daily actually has some pretty decent answers, including one about the best underwater pen. 

For some reason, they skipped the next episode. Which is too bad, because it introduced one of my favorite contestants from the syndicated episodes. Margaret was a hilarious older lady from North Jersey who really seemed to enjoy her time on the show. Bill Daily loved it when she called him "cute" and "intelligent." He was so delighted when she chose his answer for "They'll Be __" in the Audience Match, he grabbed her for a lovely little dance, accompanied by the (alleged) singing of Jack Carter and Gene Rayburn.

Finished the night on YouTube after a shower, figuring out why Buzzr hadn't run that missing episode. It turns out Jack Carter answered "midget" to a question. Buzzr is overly sensitive about that particular word, but they usually bleep it out, not cut the episode. Barbara Rhodes was more nervous helping out Margaret with "Wise Old __" for $10,000. 

(And maybe it's just as well that I did call out. It poured almost the entire day, from when I got up the first time to just a few hours ago. I would have needed an Uber ride.)

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