Monday, June 23, 2008

Battling the Cold

I went to CVS this morning for more daytime cold medicine. (I still have plenty of the nighttime capsules left.) It was cloudy, damp, and muggy, but relatively cool. They've been threatening isolated, scattered thunderstorms for the past two or three days now, but all we've had are the occasional cloud. As long as it doesn't rain while I'm on the bike, I wish we WOULD get those storms. We need them. It's getting really dry out there.

I stopped really quick at Uncle Ken's house to say "hi" to Dad, who was cleaning the pool. Whatever I have seems to be going around, and not just at the Acme, either. Jessa's sick now, too. No wonder she was so out of it when we watched Hannah Montana together last Thursday. (I hope I didn't give it to her...)

I spent the rest of the morning puttering around on the computer and reading Cheaper By The Dozen. My head is still stuffy and I'm still coughing and sneezing, but my sore throat and any lingering remains of last week's fever are gone. Once again, I spent a busy work day sucking on cough drops. (Good thing they had plenty of help and no need for me beyond my scheduled four hours.) I stopped at the Rite Aid next-door to the Acme to pick up my film. The film turned out to be almost $13 (they're mostly Christmas pictures - I got doubles for Dad and Uncle Ken), and I only had $10 on me. I'll get it tomorrow evening.

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