Sunday, June 22, 2008

Running Hot and Colds

The cold continues. I coughed all through work today. I sucked on a LOT of cough drops. Jean called me around 9AM and asked me if I wanted to come in at 10:30 instead of 11:30. I said no. I'd just gotten up, and it was bad enough I had to cough around people for five hours, much less six. Work was busy, too, with long lines all through the day. There was plenty of help, so I'm not sure what the early call was for.

Rose called me while I was at work. She had some time off, and she wondered if I wanted to go visit the family on Tuesday? Sorry, I have work that day. She said she and her boyfriend Craig would go to the Poconos instead. She said she has a week off after the Fourth of July weekend, and we're usually dead then and I won't be going on vacation until September, so we might try again then.

Oh, and I finally finished The Greatest American Hero: Season 2 today. Started with some fairly goofy episodes, but ended strong, with two episodes in a row about being careful whom you date - Ralph's mother falls for a con artist in Who's Woo In America, and FBI agent Bill Maxwell becomes enamored with a woman who turns out to be an enemy agent in Lilacs, Mr. Maxwell. One of the first episodes was my very favorite. We learn more about the history of Ralph's infamous red super suit and question the nature of death in Don't Mess Around With Jim, when Ralph and Bill are the target of an aging multi-millionaire who knows an awful lot about Ralph's big secret. Other good episodes include the touching Train of Thought, the spooky ghost tale The Beast In Black, and the surprisingly sweet Captain Bellybuster and the Speed Factory.

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