Sunday, June 29, 2008

Summer Sunday

Had a nice, quiet Sunday. Called Mom this morning while listening to records and eating cherries and French toast. Skylar was sent home last night. He got to Cooper too late to find out what's wrong with him. He'll be going back if he ever has another seizure like that again. No one's terribly surprised or happy with the verdict, but there's not much anyone can do besides wait and see. Mom was on her way out to the Hamilton Mall, 45 minutes from Erma, when I called. Daddy was at work and Keefe was helping Anny take care of the tired and frazzled Skylar.

Work was steady, with no major problems other than I'd like to know where everything that's supposed to be at the registers - like pens, the coupon and pricing papers for the Pick 5 meat promotion, cleaner, paper towels, and the tags for ringing up the 24 packs of water - are disappearing to. I think there's only one or two bottles of cleaner left between registers, and I kept having to borrow everyone else's tags. It's annoying. Where on EARTH is this stuff going?

I went for a walk after work. I had to run to Family Dollar for soap and Strawberry Newtons. I had the chance to stop and talk to my neighbor as I left. He said he'd look at the wheel on my older blue bike tomorrow and see if he had a tarp and some rust remover for both. Good. I really need to take better care of both bikes. They're my only transportation besides my feet and the public variety.

It was a surprisingly silent night. No one was out and about. It's still hot and muggy, but there was a nice breeze and it wasn't too bad in the shade by 5PM. Neither Family Dollar nor WaWa (where I went for a Chocolate-Cherry Coke Zero) were busy, either.

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