Saturday, June 07, 2008

Hot Fun In The Summertime

To heck with what the calender says. The high here today was 94. Mother Nature says it's summer.

The day did not begin auspiciously. I spilled melted butter in my attempt to make my own crepes. Thankfully, it didn't get all over me, just the floor, but it made such a mess that I ended up not having time for crepes after all. I just had Kashi Autumn Shredded Wheat Cereal.

Thankfully, my Saturday errands went much better. It was in the upper 70s when I headed out to the bank and the farm market. The farm market was, not surprisingly, quite busy. I picked up strawberries, celery, leeks, and spinach, and what tasted like a loaf of soft white bread with flecks of bacon.

I got out early enough that I had some time to say "hi" to Erica at the Friends In Deed Thrift Shop and check out some yard sales before the weather became to prohibitive for riding. Unlike last week, the yard sales had some really nifty stuff. I especially loved the one on West Oakland Avenue with all the antique dolls and radios. Those were beyond my budget (and carrying capacity on the bike), but I did pick up a copy of The Art of Walt Disney and an adorable mohair teddy bear from 1962 (according to his tag). A yard sale on Washington Street behind the Oaklyn Public School yielded a DVD copy of the first Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. I've been wanting to pick that up for years now, and I know darn well I would have never gotten it in the stores for $3.

By the time I took in one last yard sale on Ridgeway Avenue (and found nothing of interest), it was getting deadly hot. I headed straight home after that and spent the remaining two hours before work reading a book on Russ Colombo and Bing Crosby, You Call It Madness, in my air conditioned living room.

Work mostly went well, but was bookended by two obnoxious old lady customers. The first one wanted almost every item in it's own bag and kept telling me that fifty thousand times. For crying out loud, I heard her the first time! You don't have to constantly repeat orders when I'm right in front of you and not an idiot. I know she wanted everything light.

And the last woman was that annoying lady with the frizzy hair whom everyone in the store hates. She's nothing but trouble. She'll bawl for help from the baggers when she claims she can't lift anything, then give the baggers hell for not bagging every single item exactly the way she wanted it...and THEN bag everything herself, the way they had it in the first place! And because she rides buses and taxis, she has to put her huge containers of toilet paper and paper towel rolls in her own trash bags! (I don't remember doing that when I was in college and used the buses to do my grocery shopping.) The baggers walked away after ten minutes of constant abuse, and I was ready to smack her silly. Thank goodness she was my last customer.

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