Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Under the Porch

I continued my outdoor cleaning today after running to Doria's Deli down the street for turkey lunch meat. I gave my two bikes a good scrubbing, especially the poor blue bike that's been left under the porch for almost a year because it blew a tire. There wasn't anything I could do about the rust on either bike, but they both look better now. I'm going to keep the other bike up here from now on. I swept the porch after that, then spent the rest of the afternoon before work doing computer stuff.

It was the perfect day for scrubbing bikes and sweeping porches, too. It was still sunny and still fairly hot, but the humidity was gone, there was a nice breeze, and the sky was a lovely shade of robin's egg-blue.

Work was pretty much the same as yesterday, steady-to-quiet. It was only busy during the usual after-work rush hour. I headed out myself as soon as my relief arrived (right on time). After a quick stop at FYE to see if they had the newly-retired WebKinz Elephant (nope), I went across the parking lots to Staples and bought two 1GB flash drives and another box of zip discs. I shouldn't need any more than 1 or 2GB. Most of my data is either text or databases and spreadsheets. I have a few photos I've gotten online or that other people have sent me, but nothing huge. If I do need more space, I'll buy a hard drive, but I figure the flash drives should be fine for now. Since I have the zip drive and the drive itself works fine, I'll use it for backup.

I rode over to Wal-Mart after leaving Staples. As usual, they were busy and a jumbled mess, but they had finally restocked the tires my blue bike needs. I also grabbed cards for Father's Day and my cousin Taylere's graduation. (I couldn't find any tarps, though. Maybe I'll see if I can get to a Lowes or a Home Depot.)

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