Friday, June 13, 2008

Working For A Living

One of the managers called me around 9AM. Could I come in at 11, instead of 2:30? Two people had called out sick. That was fine. I'd had no major plans for the morning at all. I just had breakfast, packed my lunch and dinner, and headed to work. It was still hot, but not QUITE as bad as it has been, and my rides to and from work were pleasant.

Work was pleasant, too. It was steady-to-busy all day long. There were no major problems beyond the two people who called out. No one else called out, there were no major altercations with customers, and my relief was on time.

I'd been trying to think of something I could bring to Taylere's graduation party tomorrow. I originally considered brownies, since Duncan Hines Brownie Mixes are on sale this week for a dollar, but I didn't know what my apartment would be like at night and I didn't want to make it too hot in there. I saw a customer buy a Keebler Shortbread Pie Crust that was on sale, and then I thought, "maybe I'll make a pudding pie." The banana I had at dinner gave me the idea to make a Banana Cream Pie. I picked up a shortbread crust, vanilla sugar-free pudding mix, and Acme generic whipped topping after work, along with applesauce, a grapefruit, Breyers Light Yogurt, double-fiber Thomas English muffins, and granola bars. I put together the pie while watching The Greatest American Hero episodes.

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