Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Clean-Up Time

Began my usual monthly apartment-cleaning. I did the bathroom and the kitchen this morning, then washed the windows and swept the porch. I'll wash the trash can and recycling cannisters tomorrow (the trash is going out anyway) and vacuum and dust Thursday afternoon after I do this week's library volunteering. Rose called as I was working on the kitchen and asked if I was going to be around, since she wanted to bring over my (very late) birthday present and some records. I said yes, but I was going to go for a walk a bit later, since it was such a nice day. She said she'd would be out running errands and would leave everything at Dad and Uncle Ken's.

I did take my walk after I finished with the windows. It was a lovely day, with a wind that kept it from getting too hot. (This won't last; apparently, starting on Thursday after the next round of storms pass, it's supposed to get into the lower 90s. Great. I have counseling on Thursday and was hoping to go into Philadelphia after the Farm Market on Saturday.)

Work wasn't much of a problem, either. Steady, no call-outs. There were a few annoying beginning-of-the-month customers, nothing unusual.

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