Sunday, June 08, 2008

The Family That Beats The Heat Together...

I slept late and had to work at noon, so I just hung out this morning and listened to the WOGL Sunday Beatles show. (Songs from the Beatles' movies were the theme today.) I also made my usual Sunday call to Mom. I caught her just as she came out of the shower. She and Keefe had apparently spent most of the week doing house work. Anny and Skylar were coming over briefly, so we couldn't talk long, but she did tell me Rose hadn't come over last week because she was sick. Again. Rose is ALWAYS sick, probably because of the constant stress she's under, between going to Rutgers Law School, working at a popular local Italian restaurant, and helping to care of (and paying for) two frisky dogs and a cat.

I debated calling for a ride, but finally decided to face the heat. Actually, my ride to work wasn't bad. I left early, rode slowly, and had the wind at my face. I wasn't even sweating hard when I arrived at the Acme. Thank goodness after yesterday, work was busy when I came in, steady when I left, with no major problems. We had so much help for once, I did a full cart of item returns for an hour. (I like doing returns. It's a lot easier to help one or two people find items than a thousand, and it helps to clear my head.)

I saw Jodie, my dad's girlfriend, during work. She said she and Dad were having a barbecue and I was invited to come over after work. No problem there! I got out on time, went straight home, changed, and walked right over to Dad and Uncle Ken's. (Thank goodness there was no train blocking the tracks this time.)

I had a fun time in the pool, swimming with the grandchildren of Uncle Ken's girlfriend Dolores and my stepsister Jessa. The older kids chased each other, played "Shark," and played volleyball with a huge beach ball. The little kids practiced their swimming and breathing underwater and played with the noodles and flotation devices scattered around the pool.

Much to my surprise, Rose arrived around the same time dinner was ready. I chatted with her, Dad, Jessa, and Jodie as we ate burgers, hot dogs, baked beans, salad, and steamed broccoli and asparagus. Rose did say she was sick, but had finally felt better that day. She invited Dad, Jodie, Jessa, and me to eat at the restaurant where she works and suggested Thursday, which happens to be my day off. I also got two more invitations to my cousin Taylere's graduation party on Saturday afternoon (another day off) and to Jodie's son Jesse's graduation party on July 12th.

Rose complimented me on how much weight I've lost. I asked her about losing weight, and she said it ended up falling by the wayside during classes, but she's trying to get back to it again. She dropped Weight Watchers, too. Apparently there were too many rules and regulations for her. She says she's hoping to be able to do Yogawood with me in the fall, when she comes back from a school-related trip to Costa Rica. (She's always wanted to travel outside of the country.)

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