Monday, June 09, 2008

Hot Hot HOT!

Ugh. The high here today was 99. I spent the morning indoors and in the air conditioning. I dressed the Sailor Soldiers in the retro summer outfits I found at the thrift shop last year and Samantha in her cotton summer sailor outfit, finishing off what little decorating I do for the summer. I walked over to Dad's to see if Rose was there shortly before leaving for work. She wasn't. I finally asked Dad for a ride. I'd gotten away with rides in the heat for two days, but I wasn't going to chance it if the thermometer was close to 100 at 1PM.

Work was surprisingly busy, given the heat. Considering how everyone complained about it, I figured anyone who didn't have to work today would be either beside a pool, in an air conditioned or fan-conditioned house, or hurrying to the shore as fast as their gas tank (and money for gas) allowed. We did have enough help...but I was tired and frustrated over needing a ride at all. It just got worse when I found out I'd read my schedule wrong and was supposed to work until 6:30, not 6 like I told Dad. I tried calling Uncle Ken to tell Dad to come later. Dad must not have gotten the message, because he came in the store at 6:20 asking why I was late.

I felt horrible when my relief arrived and I finally got out. That's why I hate getting rides. Dad says he wants to get me a cell phone, but I don't think that'll help at work. I can't exactly call people for rides in the middle of an order. I don't like people having to rearrange their days for me. It's not fair to them or me.

I wound up eating at Dad's for the second day in a row. Rose and her friend from work Cassie were over at the pool, having been there since 2:30. Dad had just brought over cheese steaks from Philly Phatties next-door to Leo's Yum Yum on West Clinton Avenue when I arrived. After dinner, I went for a wonderful, relaxing swim while the girls, Dad, Uncle Ken, and Jodie discussed adoption issues and Jodie's convoluted family history. After the girls left and I got out of the pool, I talked to Jodie, who offered to send me the name of her favorite local eye doctor and recommend a gynecologist for me, too. (No Mom, I still haven't gone to a gynecologist. Rose was going to go with me, but it never happened.)

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