Tuesday, March 09, 2021

Almost Springtime

Kicked off my morning with breakfast and Blockbusters. Came in just in time for the young man to defeat a pair of sisters. He didn't do nearly as well at the Gold Run, getting some answers right...but never in a row. They were mid-way through another game when the show ended. 

Let The Match Game-Hollywood Squares Hour run as I did the dishes and got organized. Phyllis Diller and deadpan comedian and former presidential candidate Pat Paulsen joined Anson Williams, Paula Kelly from the first season of Night Court, and a load of soap opera stars for a nutty week in 1984. Diller always had such a great time with the Match Game portion in particular that I wish she'd been in more of the original 70's run. 

Headed out around 11:30 to make a run to Dollar General...and because it was such a stunning day. The temperature already hit 61. I strolled out in a jean jacket, short-sleeved blouse with no discomfort whatsoever. Warm sun caressed my back as breezes flittered down Beechwood Avenue and the White Horse Pike. Surprisingly, I saw only a few other people out for a walk or taking the dog for a romp. Everyone must have been stuck at work, school, or lessons. 

The nice weather reflected in a quiet Dollar General. They didn't have the low-salt natural Jiff I like, but I was able to pick up chocolate chips and eggs that are cheaper than the Acme's. Needed trash bags (the trash goes out today) and soap, and grabbed roll-on Icy-Hot for sore muscles in my shoulders.

Put everything away when I got home, then made lunch while watching Match Game '78. Arrived in time to see the panel make jokes about what Roger the cue card boy writes in response to a fat question. Johnny Olsen, who announced Match Game and The Price Is Right, had a cameo in the second episode calling out his famous "Come on down!" line from Price in response to a "Come On __" Audience Match. Bob Barker was just annoyed that the contestant didn't call on him first!

Spent the next few hours making Cut-Out Sugar Cookies from that one-bowl cookie cookbook Lauren sent me a while back. The dough wouldn't come together, so I added milk to get it to stick...which made it too sticky to handle, so I added flour. I did finally roll out the dough, but I made a mess doing it. Thank goodness the floor in my kitchen is all hard wood and easily swept! I cut them into spring shapes - bunnies, tulips, hearts, butterflies, shamrocks - and sprinkled them with pastel colored sugar (or green for the shamrocks). I burned the first batch a little, but the rest came out perfectly sweet and crispy.

Watched Golden Girl as I cut the cookies. I go further into this charming musical set during the Civil War era, with Mitzi Gaynor as youthful dancer Lotta Crabtree, at my Musical Dreams Movie Reviews blog. 

Switched to Super Password as I finished up the cookies. Gary Burghoff and Jamie Farr of MASH turned this into a real army battle as they helped their ladies answer some tough puzzles. Farr got his lady to the Super Password round, but he didn't do nearly as well there or with the Ca$hword mini-game. 

We had two big winners on Tattletales. John McCook and Juliet Prowse and Pat and Marge Harrington came from behind and won over long-married Monty and Marilyn Hall. Pat and Marge apparently hadn't gotten a question wrong all week until today.

Press Your Luck began as I pulled the cookies out of the oven. Whammies made a hash out of the first round, leaving only one contestant with any money. Though they flew pretty hard in the second, too, surprisingly, everyone stayed in. The champ just managed to beat the other lady and pick up a San Francisco vacation with two Whammies. 

Went into writing after the show ended. Charles reminds his friend that he's one person. He can't save the world. He can only do what he can. He invites Richard to watch Gary Burghoff play the drums at a local club with him, but he declines. Richard finally picks up the western novel he was reading to pack it...and wishes he were back in the Old West, so he could be in control and dispense his own kind of justice on Ira and his rules...

Broke for dinner at 6:30. Made chicken cutlets with lemon-wine sauce, steamed green beans, and broccoli with pasta while watching Match Game '76. Sweet contestant Penny continues her run here, playing a young man who bears a striking resemblance to John Ritter. Fannie Flagg and Brett Somers fielded jokes about the differences in their anatomies (i.e, Fannie is well-endowed, Brett was attractive, but...wasn't) and Gary Burghoff got to show off his new mustache on Match Game PM. (Loved how one wiseguy in the audience yelled "Thank you!" when Gene told them they were all fired after giving a lackluster response to one of the questions.)

Settled down with the Gene Rayburn biography while Sale of the Century ran. We had another close match tonight, mainly between the ladies. Each of them bought one Instant Bargain, and the other lady bought (and won) the Instant Cash. The champ won the Speed Round in a tiebreaker, then picked up the Bonus Round money with time to spare.

Finished the night with Charlie's Angels. The Angels are hired by the owner of a dude ranch to find out who killed a guest on his way there. Everyone in the bus claimed they had an alibi and a reason not to do him in. Sabrina poses as a former rodeo rider, Kris as a shy librarian, Kelly as a divorcee, and Bosley as a rich man to find out the truth. 

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