Thursday, March 25, 2021

The Clouds Will Soon Roll By

Began the morning with breakfast and What's My Line? Came in right as the panel were about to guess the occupation of a young man and woman from Colorado. Turns out the man was a telephone operator, and the woman installed telephones. (She said her husband didn't mind her being on the poles - his concern was her working with a group of men!) Gail Sheldon hit the "Guess the Audience Members' Occupations" game right on her first try. The panel didn't have too many problems recognizing movie critic Gene Shalit and his bushy mustache, either.

Headed out shortly after the show ended. Though the streets were wet and it was cloudy and cool, it wasn't raining or windy. Maybe the blah day scared people off. We were only busy during the noon rush hour...but admittedly, the managers did have to call for more help to deal with it. I unfortunately had several annoying customers, including some who wouldn't help bag and held up long lines.

The Acme's having a big sale on 18-count eggs this week with an online coupon, and I'd earned enough reward points to get a free carton of 12-count eggs. Figured I might as well get them now, before we get closer to Easter and everyone buys eggs to dye. Found a container of low-salt nuts on the clearance shelves and picked up that as well.

Went straight into Press Your Luck and a snack when I got home. Everyone did well in the first round, hitting only one Whammy and picking up some money and prizes. I felt really bad for the one guy after he earned almost 20,000, only to Whammy out and lose it all. It came down to the ladies; in the end, the winner hit no Whammies and picked up a trip to Las Vegas, a fluffy "flokati" rug, and a motorcycle.

Worked on writing for a while. Richard follows Gary across the street to the remains of the bank. Gary explains on the way that the Wild Rider Gang have terrorized the area for months now. They find them holding up the teller and involved in a shoot-out with Marshal Gene Rayburn as they arrive...

Broke for dinner at 6:30. Had the last of the Irish Chicken Stew from St. Patrick's Day while watching Match Game '76. Buzzr skipped the last episode of the Roz Kelly week (probably because they showed it as part of that comedy marathon on Friday), opting to go into the first episode of the next week with Nipsey Russell, Dr. Joyce Brothers, and Patti Deustch. That crazy contestant is just as wild here, yanking Gene around so much he hid behind the set. Richard was much happier to get a kiss and a hug, even though she gave a terrible answer on his Head-to-Head.

Jack Klugman was the one who went wild on the second-to-last Match Game PM. He sat in his ex-wife Brett Somers' regular seat for the week so he wouldn't have to pay alimony for six months to her. When the Naval officer won in the end, he went absolutely insane, running around the set, spinning the Star Wheel, and dashing around camera people and audience members.

Sale of the Century got pretty wild, too. One of the ladies got the lead early-on and never let go, even after buying an Instant Bargain. She beat the champ in the Speed Round by a wide margin and picked up the Bonus Round money in the last few seconds.

Jodie came in twice, first during Match Game '76, then towards the end of Sale of the Century. She came bearing a Styrofoam container the first time, a plastic baggie the second. She was going away to visit a friend for the weekend and was clearing out her refrigerator. I gladly took the cheeseburger dinner she no longer needed and half a hoagie. She also told me I could do the laundry at her place tomorrow, which will save me a considerable amount of time. (She also seemed intrigued by the end of Sale of the Century and sat down and watched a bit of that with me.)

Finished the night with Street Girl on TCM's on demand website. I go further into this sweet small-scale romance with music from 1929 at my Musical Dreams Movie Reviews blog.

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