Friday, March 12, 2021

Having a Heat Wave

Started off my morning with breakfast and Blockbusters. Came in just as that young man finally won a Gold Run, missing only one question. He'd begun the first round with a father-daughter team as the show ended.

Switched to Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood while finishing breakfast. "Daniel and Miss Elaina Play Rocket Ship" when Daniel visits the Museum Go-Round. Elaina is upset when first the paper tube she used as a telescope bends, then the wings break off her cardboard spaceship. She almost gives up playing, until Daniel and her mother Lady Elaine remind her that Dan's there to play with her, not her stuff. "Daniel Plays at the Castle" and is disappointed when he can't play with Prince Wednesday's fragile rock collection. They opt to go exploring in the backyard instead.

Went to Mickey Mouse Mixed Up Adventures for a brand-new episode as I did the dishes and tidied up the living room. "Crooner Mickey" enjoys singing his favorite radio song while working in the garden, but he worries he's not as good as Minnie. When it turns out they're both scheduled to perform the song at the local picnic, he panics and hides. Minnie knows how to get him back in the show. In "Once Upon a Lemonade Stand," The Happy Helpers are supposed to be getting lemonade booths together for a school fair. Daisy and Minnie try so hard to one-up each other, they forget to make the girls they're helping happy, too.

Put on Match Game '78 as I made the bed and got my laundry organized. Vega$ star Bart Braverman made his first appearance on the show, along with lovely and sweet soap star Erica Hope and Arte Johnson, in these episodes. Gene laments being stuck using a much smaller microphone than usual. (Diminutive Arte doesn't have any problems with it, though!) Charles wishes his mother a happy birthday in the second, while Bart tells them about his grandmother in the audience. 

Headed out as soon as Match Game ended. Even if I didn't have laundry to do, it was still too nice of a day to hang around inside. Today's the last of our recent heat wave. It was so nice when I went out, I was fine in a short-sleeved blouse and capris. It remains sunny, warm, and breezy; I saw upper 60's-lower 70's on at least two digital signs on the White Horse Pike.

The laundromat was busy when I arrived. Good thing I didn't have a really big load anyway. Threw my clothes into the smallest and cheapest washer, then strolled a block down to Family Dollar. Picked up sugar (which is cheaper there than at the Acme) and cards for my friend Kelly and my mother, both of whom have birthdays this month.

As soon as the clothes were in the drier, I made my way a bit further down to WaWa. Had a hankering for a Snickers Ice Cream Bar. I haven't had one since they first debuted in the 90's; thought I'd try their new brownie flavor. Grabbed a San Pelligrino sparkling water for a drink. 

As soon as I got outside and bit into it, I remembered why I haven't had a Snickers Ice Cream Bar in 20 years. They're too darn sweet and very rich! They're also twice as big as they were when they debuted. I liked it enough that I'm glad I bought it, but it'll definitely be a one-time-only treat. 

Went straight into Super Password when I got home and put everything away. This time, Gary Burghoff was the one who lead his contestant to the bonus round. Jamie Farr had a lot more luck with that difficult Ca$hword mini-game. Had a quick smoothie lunch while Tattletales ran. The winners this time around were comedian Shecky Greene and his then-wife Nelani Kele. 

Press Your Luck got a little wilder. No one seemed to have much luck in the first round. The one lady got three Whammies before she gave up and passed off her remaining spin, and one of the guys got two. The champ only hit one Whammy and finally got a trip to Dallas after having spent two days saying he really wanted a second honeymoon for him and his wife.

My phone trilled while the show was on. The bike finally arrived! Called Rose to tell her it's in as soon as I got off with them. They can't pick it up today, but Rose said they'll try to get it over the weekend or Monday.

Worked on writing shortly after I got off with Rose. Richard offers to buy chatty Robert Walden a drink, but he wants to see his boss Ed Asner at The Match-Up Times right away. He finally heads into The Peacock Saloon alone, hoping to find someone who'll hire him for a job, any job.

Broke for dinner at 6:30. Had leftovers while watching Match Game '76. Surprisingly, Betty White the animal lover does not give the top answer to "Lion __." She is, however, the subject of a question towards the end that wonders what she does with a fly in her soup. A woman studying for the ministry gives a racier answer to what a strange doctor does when he gives calls than most of the contestants are expecting in a much later Match Game PM from 1980. 

Sale of the Century got pretty close, too. The woman won two of the Fame Games and the other man bought all the Instant Bargains and the Instant Cash. Between the two of them, the champ just couldn't get a foothold. The guy beat him handily in the Speed Round, but had no luck with the Bonus Round. 

Finished the night online after a shower with Davy Crockett: King of the Wild Frontier at Disney Plus after a shower. I vaguely remember seeing the Davy Crockett miniseries and movies on The Disney Channel as a child, but they were among their few offerings that really interested Dad more than me in the 80's. Watching the film, I remember why. I did enjoy the first third, when Davy's fighting the Creek Indians and helping them form a treaty. Everything after that, especially Davy's venture to Washington DC to pass a law to help the Natives keep their land, is slow-moving and frankly boring. Fess Parker as Davy and Buddy Ebsen as his buddy George do what they can with the material, and we have memorable turns by Mike Mazurki as Davy's lumbering rival Bigfoot Mason in the first segment and Hans Conried as Thimblerig the gambler in the Alamo finale. 

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