Saturday, March 06, 2021

Little Patch of Heaven

Kicked off a quick morning with breakfast and Strawberry Shortcake: Berry Bitty Adventures. It's gotten warm again in Berry Bitty City. Raspberry Torte wants to hold a fashion show around the juice fountain, but Berrykin Bruce has planned a water show for the same time. Strawberry convinces them to put their shows together, but their plans - and that of the Berry Bitty City regatta - are put "On Ice" when winter returns and freezes the lake and the fountain.

Worked on writing for an hour after the cartoon ended. Charles agrees with Richard that Ira was in the wrong about the school incident...but also reminds him that there's not much they can do about it right now. They're not the judges, and they don't run the studio. He finally packs his own things and leaves, letting Richard stew over his western novel and suitcase.

Put on the 50's Price Is Right briefly while I packed and got ready for work. Bill Cullen just put a pair of kids' roller skates up for bid. If 6-dollar children's toys seem like an odd thing to be bidding on, well, it got even stranger when a chimpanzee sailed across the stage in them! Turns out the winner of the skates received a far more adult bonus - a brand new car.

Had trouble getting through to Uber, but I finally got into work with a minute to spare. They have plenty of help bagging during the weekends, so I'm cashiering today and tomorrow. That's fine. For one thing, today was cloudy, cold, and windy, not the best day to be gathering carts. For another, we were on-and-off steady, the same we've been all week. I had a few annoying customers, but nothing horrible. It slowed down enough by 6 that I was able to shut down right on time.

Had a lot of grocery shopping to do tonight. Took advantage of big meat sales to pick up chicken cutlets and boneless thighs and a small pack of ground turkey. Had online coupons for Natural Smuckers jelly, yogurt, and bananas. Found small bags of green beans for a good price and one more box of fruit bars on the clearance rack. Restocked brown sugar, tangerines, apples, frozen fruit (strawberries this time), milk, cocoa, cereal, honey, canned mandarin oranges, and deodorant. 

Got my schedule, too. Definitely one of the best I've had in a long time. My only long 8-hour shift is Wednesday, and that's likely due to it being the head bagger's day off. Otherwise, it's all perfectly normal 6-hour shifts, Tuesday and Friday off again. 

Had a harder time finding a ride home at quarter of 7, and when I did get one, it took 20 minutes to arrive. The lady was also one of those crazy drivers who speeds down the road, even when she's driving in Oaklyn. It was past 7:30 when I finally got home in one piece. 

Watched the mid-80's Card Sharks while putting everything away and eating a quick leftovers dinner. The young man who was champion turned out to not be eligible and lost his big winnings. His replacement was a little old Italian fellow who was so funny and energetic, I far preferred him anyway. I was actually a little disappointed when he lost to a blonde lady. To give her credit, she did come back after a shaky start to pick up 6,000 in the Money Cards.

Finished the night online after a shower with Home On the Range. I go further into this 2004 Disney western comedy at my Musical Dreams Movie Reviews blog.

Animation Celebration Saturday - Home On the Range

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