Wednesday, March 31, 2021

Rainy Day Blues

Got a quick start on a gloomy morning with breakfast and Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood. Dan Sr. refurbished "Daniel's Bicycle" for his son. He has to learn to ride it up a steep hill. It's tough, but he'll keep trying! Prince Wednesday and Daniel learn to hang onto the monkey bars at the playground with Prince Tuesday's help. Likewise, O and Katarina keep doing "Katarina's Magic Trick" until they get it right.

Watched the first guest in To Tell the Truth as I packed for work. Gene Rayburn and Sherrye Henry joined Bill Cullen and Peggy Cass to figure out which teen cowboy was a champion rodeo calf-roper. I thought number one, but Gene and Peggy went with sturdy number 2...and they were right. 

Headed out as soon as they finished the segment. Once again, it wasn't busy in the morning, when it remained just cloudy and windy, but picked up later in the day. It showered briefly once around 10, but not again until around 1:30. And when it rained, it poured. Heavy downpours came down off and on for the rest of the afternoon. I got soaked pushing carts at work, and I got soaked going home. I was supposed to have help today, but that woman also does personal shopping for the carry-out program, and they apparently had no one to do that this morning. I ended up doing all the sweeping and cold item returns and trash until the evening bagger arrived at 4. 

After I got home and changed into dry clothes, I tried to write...but I just couldn't concentrate. I was too tired. Ended up watching Match Game '76 instead while eating leftover pasta and meatballs for dinner. In the opening, Gene strips off the vest under his jacket in the opening, prompting the music department to play stripper music. Gene drops his jacket and does his idea of a stripper's sexy dance. 

Match Game PM was even more fun. A gentleman named Leroy charmed everyone with adorable sense of humor and devotion to Brooklyn (which Bronx native Charles appreciated). He had to try to match with Marcia twice...and then a third time when she had to match "Twilight __" for 20,000.

The game got a little closer on Sale of the Century. Everyone won something, and the women were neck-and-neck almost the entire night. In the end, the champion bought both Instant Bargains, won the Instant Cash, beat the Speed Round, and picked up the Bonus Round money with a second to spare.

Finished the night on YouTube with the first half of the 1936 serial The Vigilantes are Coming. A Zorro-style story of a church organist who dresses as the vigilante The Eagle is given a touch of the bizarre by having him fight a general who wants to be dictator of California and a Russian count who intends to make California part of Russia. Republic's third serial, and already they've got some great fight scenes and cliffhangers, including an explosion in a mine, the Eagle nearly getting crushed by a primitive mine hydraulic, and a Moriarty-Holmes style ending with the stagecoach holding the count and The Eagle going off a cliff. 

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