Wednesday, March 24, 2021

Rhythm of the Rain

Began an early morning with breakfast and Mickey Mouse Mixed-Up Adventures. It's "Mickey's Sporty Day," and the gang is about to take part in the annual Hog Dog Hillympics. Mickey's always won every event...until this year, when Pete set up unusual games in his junkyard. Mickey's disappointed when the rest of the gang all earn gold medals, but finally decides he's happy with having fun and doing his best. Minnie and Daisy say "Go Chili Dogs!" when they coach a local little-league baseball team. The kids are terrible, but with a little practice, the girls have them ready to play Pete's Red-Hots.

Headed out to work shortly after the cartoon ended. It was only cloudy and cool when I left, not gorgeous, but fine for riding the bike and pushing carts. It began showering lightly around 10:15. Shortly after, the rain came down harder, and would remain a heavy shower for the rest of the day. I was the only bagger they had today and alternated pushing carts with sweeping until the afternoon bagger arrived at 4. Got stuck in a register briefly twice, too, once to go in for a cashier's break. The rain still hadn't stopped by 5, so I just rode home and got wet.

Saw a octagonal package with a Swiss Colony label on Jodie's porch after I put the bike in the garage. Opening it revealed two sticks of sausage, two sticks of cheddar cheese, vanilla and chocolate mini-tortes, two bunny-shaped chocolates, a bag of jelly beans, and a bag of pastel candy corn. I knew who it was from. Mom's given my sisters and me gifts from Swiss Colony since the 90's. I texted her and thanked her for the treat.

Went into writing after I changed into dry clothes. The Wild Rider Gang, a notorious group of bandits, are holding up the bank across the street. Deputy Gary Burghoff hurries in looking for help. Richard agrees to go with him...but he and Gary are met with thugs outside the saloon doors, ready to steal from them and make sure that their buddies get away with the loot.

Broke for leftovers at 6:30. Roz Kelly was off Happy Days by the time of Match Game '76, but that didn't stop Gene from reading Fonzie jokes whenever possible. The question about the "updated" version of Snow White brought more than a few racy jokes (sexual and racial) from the panel. We also got Betty White's interpretive dance to the goofy new "think" music.

Brett Somers was away for the last few tapings of Match Game PM, doing a play in St. Louis. Bubbly Betty Kennedy sat in her usual place. Meanwhile, Gene asks Charles to show off his perfectly coordinated red outfit (and the fact that he's still not wearing socks!) and everyone makes Scandinavian accent jokes to a Dutch-born contestant.

Sale of the Century returned to the regular adult players this evening. It started out close, with the lady buying the first Instant Bargain and the champ picking up the second. The Champ pulled ahead in the second half and won the Speed Round decisively. He had no trouble with the Bonus Round, either.

Finished out the night on Crackle with Fantasy Island. A man (David Hedison) has nightmares about suddenly turning into a hideous fur-covered "Man-Beast" and killing his wife. He goes to Rourke to find out if the nightmares are real. Meanwhile, former country singer Charlie Rowlins (Jimmy Dean) takes his sweet daughter Jenny (Wendy Schaal) to the "Ole Island Opry" to become the next country singing sensation. Jenny's more interested in becoming the next great photographer, but has no idea how to tell her dad when he has his heart set on her in music.

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