Wednesday, March 03, 2021

Day In the Sunshine

Got a quick start today with breakfast and the 2009 Strawberry Shortcake. Blueberry Muffin frustrated when "The Big Freeze" means her next Patty Persimmon book is delayed in Berry Big City. She uses an old tennis racket and butterflies to create skates that can fly over ice and get her to the City fast. The other girls are so thrilled with them, they ask her to make them skates. Blueberry even gets an offer from a sports shop in Berry Big City to make the skates and outfits to match. They want a commercial to advertise her creations. Blueberry asks the other girls for ideas...but she ends up rejecting those ideas. The girls are worried, but it turns out Blueberry's better at making commercials than they thought.

Thank heavens after yesterday I had no trouble whatsoever with Uber. The cars that came this morning and tonight came within fifteen minutes of calling them. No traffic either time, either.

Once again, spent most of the day outside, pushing carts and gathering outside trash and recycling. I had no help in the morning and early afternoon, but we were so dead until noon, it wasn't really a problem. Even when it picked up, it was on and off. Had to figure out how to get the front recycling in the baler when they don't want small bits of paper in the baler, and that's mainly what they recycle up front. I couldn't find one big box, so I ended up using four. Also had problems with a customer outside, though he doesn't seem to have taken it inside like I suggested. On the other hand, I did get to help a nice older man haul his groceries outside early-on.

There's also the fact that the weather was gorgeous. The sun was out, the sky was radiant blue, and while it was windy, the wind was neither heavy, nor cold. No wonder one of the college student baggers who came in later insisted on joining me, even though it wasn't that bad. It was simply too nice to be inside.

Rose called me at work. I called her back when I got in. She called the Cherry Hill and Deptford bike shops, and Deptford has the sun yellow and blue Electra bike. I went with sun yellow. Not only do I like the color yellow, but it'll really stand out, especially at night. I need to order it, and she or Craig will pick it up from the store.

Worked on writing for a little while. Richard's still angry at Ira. He can't tell Mr. Goodson his feelings. Mark Goodson is in New York. And anyway, he's even more of a stickler for the rules than Ira. Ira finally dismisses everyone to go home, telling Richard to cool off. Richard storms off to the dressing rooms, with the others on his heels.

Broke for a quick leftovers dinner at 6:30. Watched Match Game '76 while I ate. Gene's not happy when he's stuck with a smaller microphone. He loves his longer, retractable microphone. Though we get to the Audience Match twice, the contestant doesn't do really well with either, striking out in the first and having trouble with the Head-to-Head with Brett in the second. 

Started oatmeal cookies as Match Game PM came on. Cool older lady Mary Wickes, character actor Gary Crosby, and goofy Joyce Bulifant joins the regulars for this 1977 episode. Brett needles Charles until he does a certain answer, just as they answer the question as to where they wish a meteor would land. Joyce is funny when she's answering a question about the hotel sign she'd have on her head, too.

The cookies went into the oven during Sale of the Century. We had yet another close, low-scoring game. The champ did buy both Instant Bargains, but in the end, the other guy beat him at the Speed Round and picked up a large-screen TV. He just barely got the Bonus Round money, too.

I was so tired, I was barely up to spending the rest of the night after the cookies came out with Sheriff Callie's Wild West on Disney Plus. "The Pesky Kangaroo Rat" turns Nice and Friendly Corners upside-down as it chews through just about everything. Callie loses patience chasing it and comes up with crazy contraptions to catch it. Tio Torguga the turtle knows that when it comes to catching hungry critters, it takes patience...and a lot of prairie pickles. Toby and Peck go into "Cattle Overdrive" when they're late driving Farmer Stinky's cattle from the pasture. Toby thinks he has a shortcut, but all it does is lead him, Toby, and the cows into a lot of trouble.

Callie's horse Sparky is convinced she doesn't love him anymore when she admires "Sparky's Rival," the shiny new Iron Horse train. The train conductor claims his train is faster than Sparky, but Sparky gets to show his stuff when Pricilla accidentally sends the train out of control. Peck gets "Jail Crazy" when he's in charge for the day and arrests the entire town over minor infractions. He learns what a real bad guy is like when Callie chases Billy Goat the Kid into town.

"Toby Gets Nosy" when he gets a big red bump on his nose, right before Peck's about to take a picture of everyone in town. Toby does everything he can think of to hide it or get rid of it, but it turns out to be something beautiful after all. "Peck Takes It Back" when he gets upset with Toby over the cactus dropping popcorn on his clean floor and calls him pinecone. Toby goes to find out what a pinecone is, leading Callie and a regretful Toby to go after him and apologize. 

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