Friday, March 26, 2021

Warm Spring Winds

Began a cloudy late morning with breakfast and the second half of Blockbusters. I came in just as the older woman and former All-American League member won another game. She did even better at the Gold Run, missing only one question. They pit her against a mother-daughter team as the show came to an end.

Switched to Here Comes Peter Cottontail as I cleaned up from breakfast. I go further into the first Rankin-Bass Easter special at this Musical Dreams Movie Reviews entry from April 2019.

Hit the basement laundry room on Jodie's side of the house while the special ran. Figured I might as well get as much as I could done while she's out of town, starting with my clothes from this past week. Went back while they were in the washer and stripped the sheets and blankets off the bed.

Put the lighter spring/fall sheets on and finally remembered to pull out my Easter baskets and plastic eggs while Match Game '75 ran. Handsome high school physical education teacher Ron Valenti turned a lot of heads during his time on the show, especially Fannie Flagg's. He danced with her in her rose sweater, even when Richard won him the Head-to-Head. In the next episode, not only did Fannie continue to flirt with him, but Richard got in a little flirting of his own with young woman training to be a nurse.

Put the sheets in the washer and the clothes in the dryer, then went for a walk. It was way too nice to be inside all day! By the time I got outside, brilliant blue skies poked through fat white clouds. Despite the gale-force wind, it was so warm, I wore a t-shirt, shorts, and sandals with no discomfort whatsoever. It's very much spring in the neighborhood now, with daffodils waving at me in the wind and green grass poking out of the old yellow straw.

Stopped at Dollar General first. Hoped to find nifty Easter decorations, but saw nothing I liked. They were out of the conditioner I'm using, too. Picked up sponges, chocolate chips (which are cheaper there than at the Acme), pale green sprinkles, a new brush, and my favorite pecan roll that only they sell. Strolled two blocks down to CVS in the hope of finding that conditioner. No luck there, but I did get dishwashing liquid and stain remover.

As soon as I got back, I put everything away, then went to check the laundry. The dryer was just about done; the washer finished ages ago. I loaded my clean clothes into the laundry basket, and the blankets and sheets into the dryer. 

Put on It's the Easter Beagle, Charlie Brown as I made a banana-strawberry smoothie for lunch. The Peanuts gang are busy getting ready for the spring holiday season. Sally drags her brother shoe shopping to take advantage of really pre-Christmas sales. Snoopy buys a birdhouse for Woodstock. Peppermint Patty tries to teach Marcie how to color eggs, but Marcie doesn't have a very good grasp of how to hard-boil. Don't bother with the fuss, says Linus. The Easter Beagle does all that. Sally's skeptical after the Great Pumpkin no-show at Halloween. Meanwhile, Lucy would rather color and find her own eggs. 

Watched the current version of Muppet Babies after checking on the dryer. Kermit never won an Easter egg hunt, so Fozzie takes him on "Kermit and Fozzie's Egg-cellent Adventure" to beat the others to the eggs. Fozzie keeps trying to run right at them, ignoring Kermit insisting that they need to plan things first. It takes a disaster underwater to make Fozzie realize how important it is to plan and work together. Animal needs to go to the bathroom, but he doesn't want to miss any of their trip to "Ratlantis" to find the missing treasure. He learns that when you have to go, you have to go after "Animal's Little Accident."

Switched to Super Password and folding laundry after the Peanuts ended. I didn't recognize the lady, but I did know Newhart actor Tom Poston, who seemed to have trouble figuring out the puzzles. Everyone did better on Tattletales. William Shatner and his wife Marcy and George Hamilton and his wife Alanna just barely came out on top over Scoey and Claire Mitchilll. 

Press Your Luck started out quietly, with everyone getting money and no Whammies. We did see a few more Whammies in the second round, mainly hitting the one guy. The eventual winner hit no Whammies and picked up two trips and a silver tea set. 

Worked on my story for a while after the show. The Wild Rider Gang is stealing gold nuggets from the mines in the hills from the bank. They're holding up the pretty teller, as well as Marshal Gene Rayburn and Deputy Jimmie Walker. Richard and Gary walk into a tense stand-off, and Richard has to figure out what to do, and fast...

Between pages, I brought the last of the laundry in from the basement. Finally folded the flannel winter sheets and got the plastic bag I use for my linens back in the bathroom closet, then made the bed and tidied up my room.

Broke for dinner at 6:30. The cheeseburger Jodie gave me yesterday was huge, with a giant pile of fries. I stuck them in the stove. The bun burned a little, and the fries got tough. I ate as much as I could, but they were too big and too much to finish.

Watched Match Game '76 as the food went in the oven. Dr. Joyce Brothers took notes on Nipsey Russell's poetry and Patti Deustch's unique answers while Richard tried to help fellow British woman win 5,000 in the Head-to-Head with "__ Girls." Brett was happier with the handsome fire man contestant who turned up in the end.

Tonight's Match Game PM episode was the last in the night time series. Betty White had a grand time sitting in her friend Brett Somers' seat here, showing off the animal mugs people gave her. This time, it's Bart Braverman doing the flirting with a pretty young contestant while Bill Daily freaks out when he has to help her win 20,000.

Sale of the Century began with the women both buying Instant Bargains and the champ getting the Instant Cash, In the end, she pushed ahead in the Speed Round. Didn't have nearly as much luck with the Bonus Round this time, though.

Finished the night online after a shower with Support Your Local Sheriff. Jason McCullough (James Garner) is on his way to Australia when he witnesses Joe Darby (Bruce Dern) of the infamous Darby family shoot down a man. The Darbys steal gold whenever the shipment passes through their considerable land. 

In need of money after he sees the ridiculous prices in town, he takes the Sheriff job, even though the previous sheriffs were killed or ran out of town. While romancing the mayor's clumsy daughter Prudy (Joan Hackett), he manages to keep Joe in jail, despite lacking bars for the cell and the attempts of Joe's nasty father (Walter Brennan) to free him. Even the hired killers he sends after him and his ragged deputy Jake (Jack Elam) barely ruffles his composure. When the town refuses to help him stop the Darbys from destroying them, he, Jake, and Prudy have to figure out their own way to stop these desert tramps from causing further trouble.

First of two very funny western spoofs featuring Garner, Elam, and wacky sends-ups of typical western clich├ęs. Bennet in particular enjoys herself as the smart but clumsy young woman who thinks Jason is more of a man than any of the miners she's ever seen. This and the similar Support Your Local Gunfighter are highly recommended; both can be found for free at YouTube at the moment. 

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